I'm concerned

I’m getting really worried about my partner. They’re self-harming all the time and acting like it’s funny and I can’t help them or make them stop. I know they’re only trying to make it a joke to cope, and they don’t actually think self-harm is funny, but no matter how much I tell them that it’s unhealthy, and give them other ways of dealing with it, they won’t stop.

And worst of all, they keep talking to ME about it. Self-harm is a trigger for me, and talking about it makes me relapse. I already have a bunch of cuts on my upper arm, I don’t need more but I’m so stressed and worried about them that my only way of letting it out is to hurt myself. Not to mention that I have my own problems going on. I’m trying to handle flashbacks and trauma-related panic attacks ON MY OWN without telling anyone or asking for help. Adding one more thing on top isn’t helping at all.

I already feel terrible and I can’t handle not being able to help the one person keeping me sane.


I am so sorry you are dealing with this. It is not easy to deal with others that joke about this when for you it is very serious.

Have you talked to them about this yet about this. It is very hard to deal with this kind of situation. It is so important that you share this stuff with your partner.

I feel that it might be very wise for you to talk to your partner and explain the situation. Share this stuff with them and let them know that hey I am going through a lot and need to take care of stuff that doesnt mean I dont want you in my life but that I am in need of focusing on my mental health.

Know that we are here for you no matter what happens and that we care about you.

Hold fast

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