Im feeling better

I know im not accepted in this community but i just wanted to write here saying that ive been feeling better and im becoming less depressed since i finally found a reason to stay and so many of you inspired me to stay strong and you guys helped me feel less alone for a while, I also wanted to write that im sorry to Lyss, Danny, Danjo, Casey and everyone i ever hurt (except Josy, im not apologizing or forgiving you since you made this journey harder) I hope you guys can forgive me for always doubting and being really negative. I can understand if you guys dont forgive me since im sure i dont deserve any forgiveness. If you guys forgive me that would mean alot to me and maybe we can catch up and talk again

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You are accepted in this community. You deserve forgiveness. Whatever you had done, has been forgiven. Give yourself grace, beloved. Be proud of yourself for getting better. Thank you for letting us know. I hope everything is going good. Peace.

I don’t know the drama. Maybe it’s been mentioned and I didn’t catch it. I don’t know you I do know Dan & Casey from their streams. I know lyss from her posts/replies. I don’t think I know Josy, maybe I do…either way. I hold no judgements against you as long as you’re cool with me. I can’t say I won’t be cordial or friends with josy either.

I will state that I won’t play or choose a side since it seems there is drama between you two.

I, myself welcome you (since your drama isn’t anything to do with me.)

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I’m glad you’re doing better RaveN but there was really no need to be calling out Josie like that. It was a little unfair and harsh… It shows there’s still some healing to do. Keep going on this path. It’s going the right way.

Hold fast


I agree with @Kayla . My response is the same as hers.

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I’m with the above two. On my part, I forgive you.


@RaveN I’m glad to have an update from you dude. In all honesty you were as much a contributor to the drama with you and Josy as she was. Take some ownership of your actions and start healing. We believe in you.