I'm feeling lonely

Lately I have been struggling with messaging my ex best friend or just leaving it alone. She stopped talking to me towards the end of senior year and I just didn’t care at that point. I was tired of trying to maintain that friendship without her taking any initiative 🤷
I don’t have a girl best friend anymore and it’s hard for me to make new friends because of my anxiety. None of the girls I went to college with talk to me either, even though our group was really close to each other.
I just feel lonely and I’m not sure what to do

How long ago was senior year. and was there a falling out or just separation, even still, it sucks. I am going through the same thing. Personally, if there was no falling out I would try to get in touch with her… But if you fall back in to the same downward cycle, you need to address that. It is impossible for one person to maintain a friendship, it takes two to tango.

but also know, that just by posting on here, you are not alone. You are not worthless, you have friends here.

Senior year was last year… We had a few arguments, but we always resolved them

then try to maybe patch things up?

This has been such a challenge for me to. There are people that I used to be so close to that just grew distant over time. I’ve had to give up on some relationships because it was so one sided and I felt like if I didn’t reach out or feed the relationship that the friendship would just dissolve. These kinds of relationships are mentally and emotionally exhausting. So I began to clear my social circles of people who I had one way relationships with and focused more on others.

I have always struggled knowing how to make new friends and how to connect to people so my social circle is very small. I also struggle for some reason building relationships with other people that are female. I don’t know why. Especially my own age

So I can kinda relate.

It’s hard when people don’t do their part in friendships and I’m really sorry that you’re feeling so lonely. I hope that you are able to find a friend in someone that you can trust and that lifts you up. You are loved and cared for here. And we are here to be of a support to you along the way.

So much love to you :heart: