Im feeling pretty down does anyone have song suggestions?

Im pretty down right now. My exams and everything this week sucked and im completly drained. Ive been depressed all day and im getting kinda anxious, jm not sure why. But ive also been hanging out with an old friend all day and although its nice to be away from my family I feel super weird to be around her because she is kinda different now and isnt the best of friends anymore and ive been trying to act normal and be okay but its hard.
I also feel like i cant really talk to anyone right now. I feel super alone.
Anyway but when im down sometimes I love to check out new music. I like stuff like tøp, beartooth, Of mice & men, my chemical romance, a bunch more but those are my favorites. If anyone has suggestions that would be great thank you❤️


Darkest Hour! It looks like you’re into stuff that’s heavy but you also like melody too. That band is a bunch of punx from Washington DC who listened to At The Gates too many times. Some of my favorite songs are

  • Demon(s)
  • With A Thousand Words To Say But One
  • Doomsayer
  • Love As a Weapon
  • Terra Solaris
  • Knife in the Safe Room
  • Tranquil

I know finals time is really stressful and I’m sorry to hear that you’re struggling. I hope you find lots of bands/songs that you enjoy!

We have so many of the same tastes! I would suggest these:
-Wooden floorboards, hotel books
-Saviour, black veil brides
-Paralyzed, NF
-Ghost, Badflower
-Props and mayhem, pierce the veil

Hey there! Keep going on, you probably can make up for those marks. Here’s some bands that I like and some specific albums:

Royal Blood- Royal Blood

  • these guys are very awesome! Just a bassist and a drummer, who got their hands on some wicked pedal tech! They’ve got an interesting sound, and some good tunes. They’ve only got two albums out right now, but they are very very good! I got to see these guys open up fo Queens Of The Stone Age, which means quite a bit! I would highly reccomend starting with Little Monster, or Out Of The Black, off of this album.

III- Billy Talent

  • Another very good best, definitely one of my favourites for sure! III is a very creative album from BT, one of the best albums that they have produced Imo. They are a Canadian band, very hard rock, with an amazing lead vocalist. Devil On My Shoulder, The Dead Can’t Testify, Diamond On A Landmine, and Tears Into Wine are very wonderful songs to start with, in no particular order. I highly reccomend you check their other albums out, but start with III, and go from there!

I hope you enjoy all these, and sorry for the wall of text!

This is a little bit late, friend! But we had a lot of advice and music that may help you!

We are always here for ya!

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Try some SayWeCanFly for something calming, but for loud, crazy, and just something so upbeat, try Motionless In White(WARNING, they are a metal band)