I'm going to take my abuser to court

After careful consideration and thought I decided to get a powerful lawyer and press charges against my abuser for sexual assault and the emotional distress she has caused me all these years and finally someone decided to hear me out I want this woman to pay what she has done wrong to me and I will see that she pays with jail time and compensation she needs to be held accountable for her actions and the shame and humiliation she caused me. I lost friends, my ex girlfriend and my reputation and image was destroyed and I will take it back. She’s going to wish she never assaulted me


Wow, that takes so much courage! I’m so proud of you for taking this step and I really hope that you get what you want out of this. I hope you get healing and closure! You matter!


So brave of you for coming forward, it’s not an easy thing to address and it’s not easy to talk about someone who’s been abusive, but you did it and I’m proud of you for that.
Hopefully we can continue to support you through. This as I’m sure bringing up stuff will be traumatising and hard at times. You always have a space here x


Hi Friend, That is awesome news and what you have done and are doing takes strength of mind and heart. I wish you nothing but the very best of luck and I hope the outcome proves to be exactly what you wish for. We of course are always here for you at any time. Much Love Lisa. x


Wow. I don’t want to repeat what Mystrose said completely, but I do want to point out that that does take so much courage. I really hope that you get that great lawyer, and we will be here for support if you need it along the way. Really proud of you for taking this step and for sharing it with you.
You’re Loved! :hrtlegolove:


Hi Ranma,

This can’t have been an easy decision for you to make and I am in awe of your courage and determination. What happened to you was wrong, and you deserve to hold her accountable for what she did to you.

I wish you all my love in the coming months with this. I know court cases can be long drawn out and complicated experiences, so if you ever need support along this journey, I hope you know we’re here to listen.



Hey there Ranma,

That’s really brave of you to take that step. Although I have never been in your situation before, I have been through sexual harassment in college. I know taking the step to press charges is a massive deal and I’m really proud of you for doing that! We had a hearing in college (not actual court proceedings as everything was handled internally). During that he tried his best to make me look crazy and accused me saying, im trying to ruin his life and that he was just being friendly. I thought i was going to be an emotional wreck during the hearing but surprisingly, i handled myself pretty well. I worked on campus and he was banned from all non academic building and he would constantly showed up to the Starbucks on campus where i worked. I documented everything and had him removed every time. Stay strong no matter what negative things people might end up spewing at you. You got this!