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I'm gonna kill myself


There’s not an ounce of hope left in me. I know I don’t matter to anyone. Nothing I say or does matters. Everyone will enjoy life more without me. It’s over. I give up.


Hey @jmatt0659,

Please, please don’t give up. you matter so much, honestly. You matter to this community and we need you here. Hold fast and don’t give in. We want to share life with you, and be there for you. Please stay. Hope exists, and it can for you too.

All the love,


Don’t give up. You’re feelings do matter. You do matter. You live in a certain location. If the people there take you for granted then try to relocate. The world is a huge place and there will be at least several people that won’t/don’t.
If it is yourself. There are people (including myself) that understand. I fall apart myself almost everyday. Loneliness is very overwhelming when you’re faced with yourself and your thoughts are going crazy. It is hard to see that tolerating the suffering isn’t very appeasing.
The problem is absolutely nothing gets resolved. If you give up and give over. You’ll be in the same position you desire to get out of.
You need to bust the delusion. A delusion is a lie that you believe. Many people believe in lies they tell themselves. You can see it is a delusion because what they state ends up being false. That it was a lie.
There are people that care. The problem is you have to find those people. If the people you know aren’t caring for you then you need to get to know the people you do not know. You’ll find someone that cares. Also I’m sure a few people you do know do care.
So please think about your situation. Break the delusion. There are real methods to resolve your problem None of them involve “ending it all.”
I hope for bettertimes coming your way.


@jmatt0659 -
Please stay with us. Your existence matters to me… a stranger. Someone who you have never met before, never crossed paths with. But I can relate to your pain. I used to refer to myself as an ‘unsuccessful attempt’ to ending it all… until I realized that I am a ‘successful attempt’. A success story. You may not see any hope in sight at the moment, but remind yourself that it is temporary and that you are worthy of happiness and feeling content. There are far more better things promised for you my friend. Don’t let these feelings define you. Keep coming back.

With all of my love,


@jmatt0659 - You matter to us!! Don’t give up! You’re strong and you got this! Hope is here, sometimes you just have to look hard for it. We believe in you!


Hey man, I know it may feel like you have nothing left to live for. But you got every one here to depend on. To pick you up when you are down we are your shoulder to lean on.