Im in abusive relationship

not sure what i need, except to start naming this for what it is.

i’m already checked out emotionally. i pray to god that i can find the finances to escape this.


Thank you so much for reaching out, Ginger.

Im sorry you are in this position. It is notoriously hard to leave abusive relationships, and nobody deserves to live day in and day out in fear.

Are there any battered womens shelters near you? I dont expect you to share your location. If youre in the US there may be a shelter near you that can help you get away. If not, is there anyone in your family that can take you in until youre back on your feet? Do you have any kids you need to take with you?

Sorry for all the questions but it would make it easier to effectively support you.

Best of luck friend, youll be in my thoughts.


Sapphire is right about you finding a safe place. You can go to an emergency shelter without having to worry about finances. Such places have staff that can help you find a livelihood and a place to live. It also sounds like you need a restraining order, so he can’t hurt you again, or even come around without being put in jail.

Emergency shelters will also take in children when necessary.

thanks you two, it’s not physical so i’m safe where i am.
it’s more financial, with some verbal. no kids tg

Hi, do you have some family that can supports you? You are lucky that you don’t have kids… Sometimes I’m also thinking that I was in a abusive relationship with the mother of my kids…sometimes I just think i’m crazy, but if he often verbally threats you bad, something is not right there. The verbal abuse is also abuse and should not be allowed, no one have the right to treat others badly just because they got more money…

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