I'm in love and too scared to say it

I fall under the term Homosexual/Panromantic. From a sexual standpoint I am attracted to men/masculinity. From a romantic/aesthetic standpoint I don’t care what gender.

I joined this community about a year and a half ago give or take and I’m falling in love with a member of this community and I’m sure she doesn’t feel the same. I also don’t want to make our friendship awkward and I am pretty heartbroken.

I also really want to ask this person out because she is adorable, strong, and loving/lovable. I can see us working out and I just wish I could confess my feelings for her.

Advice would be appreciated, thanks you all.

Love is very hard. It’s okay to afraid, because it strikes right in the heart. What makes you so sure she doesn’t like you back?

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She and I were talking and she was talking about her crush and I knew instantly that it wasnt me. I just dont know what to do with this situation

Some people would say to just stay away from her, but I think that’s a bad idea. You’d just be causing yourself more pain, and she’d be upset and would want to know why but you couldn’t say.
Maybe just wait. A crush is not definite love. So wait for a few months or so and if you find you can’t wait any longer or she still likes him then I would say to just tell her what you are feeling.
Or you could just not wait at all and tell her what’s on your mind right now. Cause the possibility of love is worth it.
Please don’t get your hopes up on this, it’s just something I’ve noticed, is that sometimes we girls can be idiots. You said she was talking about her crush with you. Sometimes girls can do that, talk about another guy just to see how you react, how much you like them. But remember this could not be the case with you and this person.
Even if it doesn’t work, you’ll know. You’ll know you tried. And that way you can learn to move on, even though it seems impossible right now.
Don’t make the same mistake as me and waste years of your life on something you could’ve ended much sooner and instead use that time to heal and work through it. If you say nothing now, you’ll be in heartbreak you’ll still be in heartbreak, pretending that it’s okay to be friends.
Tell her. You deserve to have a chance at love and to know what’s going on in her heart.
Tell me what you decide and how it goes, ok?
Hold fast :slight_smile:

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