Im just tired man

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I’m just tired man=======

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Hey friend. Thanks for being here and replying. In just a few words - you communicate so poignantly what so many of us are feeling. And Im sorry. It’s hard to experience that type of exhaustion. Where the days run together, where life feels like a rat race, where you spend every bit of energy you have just to function, just to get by. I can imagine that leaving you feeling hollow, like a shell of a person who just isn’t experiencing the same life as those around you.

I have some personal experiences there. I remember talking to my partner yesterday and crying because, while I’m healing and working on myself so much, I still feel so far behind. I put so much of my energy into coping mechanisms, into bringing my elevated mood down, taming mantras and bad habits - stuff that neuro-normative people don’t have to worry about - that I can’t help but feel like I drew the short stick of life. The fact that people just get out of bed and do things and socialize without anxiety and depression being a daily hurdle blows my mind. And it makes me so exhausted. Hollow.

Simultaneously, I’m glad to be able to try. I’m glad I get to grow. I didn’t always feel this way. There was a time where I felt like it was all hopeless. And I hope in my heart of hearts that you don’t feel that things are hopeless.

Regardless, I appreciate you. I see you. I identify with a part of what you’re feeling. And I am rooting you on. We’ve got this. Both of us.