Im lonley and no one care about me

I feel so alone, I feel like I dont matter. I tried to talk to others about my struggles, ive told my friends and family that Im struggling and need help. Im struggling with my appearance and I feel worthless. I tried talkomg to my friends and family but they all say I worrying about stupid things and they always tell me there are people who are going to through worse. Somehow I still think my problems should matter bur maybe Im just being stupid. I just wish I didnt need anybody else.


If they care they should take the time to make you feel better and listen. If there’s anything you ever need just send me a message and I will help you the best that I can friend. Take care of yourself


Thank you for sharing this with our community, I am glad you feel you are able to reach out to use here. It sounds like you’re dealing with some body image issues, I can relate to that for sure. I am so sorry that the family and friends you have reached out to about this have seemed to just shrug it off. It’s true, some other people will always have it worse, but in NO WAY does that negate anything that you are going through or struggling with. You struggles and feeling are soooo valid, you have so much value and so much worth, never forget that. You are such an important part of this community, and we all value you here. We will never tell you to “just get over it” or that what you are dealing with isn’t important, because it is! You are important and you are valued!!

Hold Fast,
Hannah Presley

Real friends and real family if they care and claim to love you they will reach out to you and listen to you. Sometimes our worst enemies can be those closest to us.

If they don’t care to hear your cries for help then it’s best to move on with your life and be around positive people that care about you and your mental health. I wish you the best.

Sincerely ranma1983

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