I'm losing my mind slowly

Really I just feel lonely. I have my partner to talk to know since I found my phone but I’m uninteresting to him. It’s obvious. How can I not be boring anymore? And my mom yelling and punching me in the week of exams doesn’t make anything better. I deserve this. It’s all my fault. I did this to myself. I’m an idiot. I feel like depression has me isolated in a dark box were I’m invisible but I hallucinate other people there. Is this all even real? Who am I anymore?..

I’m sorry for ranting like that. I’m selfish and confusing. Which is another reason why no one likes me. No one even cares about me. Man, I’m so weak. This is why no one would remember me if I died. I should stop now.

Complement them then you’ll seem less bland (partner). Ask them about themselves. Everyone likes to talk about themselves. Then repeat every other three things back to them so they know you’re listening.

Be strong.

But I already do that. I still get the same result.