I'm lost and in need of advice

Two and a half weeks ago I was at a friends house for the weekend. He’s 25, his wife (who is equally as amazing) is also 25. I’m 16, 17 in December. They have 3 kids between the ages of 3 and 5. (this is important and you’ll understand why in a sec, I went through literal dozens of sexual assaults and rapes as a kid in school by another student there and had to grow up really fast. lost most of my childhood) They’re such good and adorable kids. Their dad is hilariously witty and sarcastic which is relatable. Their mom is equally as witty and loving. They both care a lot and understand my struggles with anxiety and depression despite not suffering from it in the same way I do. Those kids are the way I want to relive my childhood, through them. It feels good to see kids be kids, because I wasn’t able to be a kid due to my personal bs I had to go through. I didn’t allow myself to.
This post has been all over the place. Lately I’ve been super stressed and hardly sleeping, it felt nice to be appreciated in the way they appreciated me.
On one hand I really want to ask them if I can go to their place for a day or two some upcoming weekend but I don’t want to become a burden on them. I’m caught between a rock and a hard place about this and I don’t want to become a burden just like everywhere else.
Advice on how to cope with this and what to do would be greatly appreciated. Love you guys.

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I’m sure they will love you coming over. Just make sure you bring some snacks for the kids :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome how you enjoy the company of the kids. I’d tell the parents what you said on here and maybe they can have you babysit or some sort. Also bring some sick toys and boxes for forts!


That’s awesome that you can be yourself and feel safe with them. I agree with @GrundySmash talk to them and see if you can babysit for them and take it from there. They kids like you and their parents enjoy your company so it could work out. Best of luck and keep us updated. :slight_smile:


Ethan - I’m sure they would love having you over! The fact you love those kids and want to spend time with them will help take some weight off of them as well as they’d have some help. It wouldn’t just benefit you, but it would benefit them as well. There’s no harm in asking, if that isn’t a good time, then rearrange another few days you can go and stay there with them! I’m sorry you went through all that stuff as a child, but I’m so glad you are finding some joy somewhere now though!

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