I'm new here and don't know what to do

I’ve tried so many therapists, so many meds… I’ve always stayed here and kept going for my kids. They went to stay with their dad before Christmas because they’re mad at me… They won’t hardly respond to my messages… I really think they would all do better without me… They probably wouldn’t even notice… I’m so lost and so scared


Welcome to Heart Support and thank you for sharing. Why are your kids mad at you? They are mad right now but they still need you and will notice if you are not there. You matter and the world still needs you.

Whatever happened with your kids, you have to remember that you are not perfect. And I’m sure they’ll forgive you. You’re their mother. Please don’t give up. You matter, you are stronger than you know. I’m proud of you for continuing on. Everybody falls down sometimes, and that’s okay.
Hold fast <3

Even if they don’t seem to care about you, they probably would be devastated if you died. Keep living. :heart: