Im on alot of medication very bad ocd also borderl

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im on alot of medication, very bad ocd also borderline personality disorder and that is exactly what the nhs mental health care system i actauly im scared of psychiatrists also psychiatric nurses , mood stabliers highest dose of diazepam , chlomiaprine , i ca t spell that one buut im suurr its some of srri to help depression and my ocd symptoms a few things too calm down have to pick up from the chemist everyday cause of my many and i mean may suicide attempts, so ive given up on that no point any more just always revied or resuscitated i am literally a drain of resources but hey i can just live in my flat by myself forever with no friends, all the old ones they think im a freak and when they overdose ofcourse it has to illict drugs but its always medication or other ways, ive seen these songs thanks for the video

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Oh friend, you are not a drain of resources. Resources - could it be mental health services, treatments, medications - are exactly made to support people who need a crutch in their life. To provide relief and extra bit of strength when we need it the most.

Sometimes, the burdens and wounds we carry are affecting so much of our life that we need outlets to keep on going. It doesn’t mean we’re failing, that we’re weak or broken. Only that we have needs that a part of the population shares, and that another part doesn’t. Just like when you have a broken leg, you need crutches to keep on walking until your leg is healed and allows you to then start physical therapy. It helps you keep on going with your life, keep on trying, experimenting, until feeling like you have a more solid ground under your feet.

I understand though that it’s hard to not judge ourselves when we’re in this position. Looking around you, you might feel as if every other person seems to have it all together, while deep inside you feel like you’re falling again and again and no one really sees it. When I was at the lowest of my depression and trauma healing, I had to finally accept to start asking for help, and this was probably one of the hardest yet liberating things I ever had to do. Being on medications felt like being a failure of human being. In reality though, it was strong and brave of me to reach out, seek the support I needed, and say “I’m not okay”. To put light on a pain I shouldn’t carry on my own, and welcome people in my support system. It’s hard, it’s messy, but in the end it’s worth it because it’s about our well-being, our life, our future.

I’m proud of you for all the steps you’ve been taking toward seeking help - through therapy and medications. I know it’s hard and particularly challenging to be in this process. There’s disappointment along the way and it surely feels like being on a rollercoaster sometimes. But all of these steps, you are taking them for YOU, and that is something to be proud of, my friend. If your friends think you’re a freak, then know that we love you and see the beauty in you right here. Your wounds and the obstacles that life throws at you don’t define you. They only happen to be a part of your journey, and we’re in this together. :heart:

-Marie-Anne, Heartsupport Staff