I'm really sad

So I’m a 28 year old female, I had a rough past…my first boyfriend almost murdered me, broke my jaw and strangled me…I ended up getting hooked on pain killers…I threw myself into detox without anyone even knowing I had a problem… I clawed my way back to success but it feels like my parents do not care about me. It’s like they don’t even try to understand me. My sister got a dog the dog was causing major issues, almost bit my friends face off…(My friend is also a little person standing at 4ft2.) needless to say I was mad… My dad didn’t care that her dog did this and didn’t even want to believe me. He views my sisters dog as his grandchild or some shit and its really weird. Anyways long story…long… I stopped talking to my sister because I was fed up with the lack of respect from all of them…between my sister letting her dog torment my cat (she also said her dog would kill my cat yet she would let him torment her) ugh I’m rambling and this doesn’t make much sense but my birthday was the other day and I told my parents that I don’t want to see Shannon until we Talk this out…my dad legit said "alright shut it all down today " lol meaning shut my birthday down …which is kinda hilarious because we weren’t even doing anything other then a reheating a dinner that was made a few days prior lol I made my own cupcakes lmao they got me chocolate…I don’t eat sweets…they know this…it just feels like they all don’t care about me and I’m slipping back into depression and I just need to get out of here.


Yeah sounds a lot like the dog situation is emblematic of a much larger family dynamic and it sounds toxic as fuck. And I know it’s sad but do permit yourself to be angry because the way you’re being treated is not fair and completely bullshit. So please get away if you can. If you wanna do some reading on the topic I highly recommend Captain Awkward: https://captainawkward.com/2017/07/19/967-freeing-yourself-from-constant-contact/#more-37674

She helps a lot with toxic family dynamics.

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Yeah our family dynamic is pretty weird…somehow I’m like lower than the dog :joy: but it hurts…I’m also on Chantix currently weaning myself off…my dad legit said he has no sympathy for me suffering from insomnia because I did it to myself…but I’m just like damn…lol ok…? Lol like I’m an ex heroin addict I got off it ALL by myself. I got off the opiate maintenance drugs…everything on my own…and this is like how they treat me lol I’m currently 4 years clean but like this is why I’m so embarrassed to ever tell anyone I’m a recovered addict because it seems like more of a shame than an accomplishment. I just feel like leaving and never turning back.

Hey if you have the finances and everything is I move away from a toxic family absolutely do it. And if you’re in Wisconsin, California, or Massachusetts, i can you in touch with some people that can help with the move :slight_smile: