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I'm scared of myself

I am scared, angry, sad, and anxious. All the time. I’m younger, so people believe I haven’t lived long enough to have depression or anxiety. I’m scared that I will do something I’m not able to take back.


Hey @bjay,

I’m sorry if you’ve been told that you’re too young to understand what depression or anxiety is. When people say that, it’s not necessarily meant in a negative way. The intention behind can be to reassure you and get some perspective over what you’re expriencing. But it can also make you feel alone, like nobody really understand or hear you.

Friend, your feelings are valid and it’s not depending on your age.

Feeling anxious and sad all the time is really heavy. There are a lot of people in this community who can relate to what you just shared, who’ve experienced the same kind of feelings. Your absolutely not alone right now, okay? :heart:

Feel free to share a bit more about what’s going on, of course if you are comfortable with doing it. For example: for how long have you felt like this? Is there anyone in your surroundings with whom you could talk about it without being answered that you’re just too young? Are there reasons behind those feelings that you could indentify? You can share anything you want, vent if you need to. This community exists so we can try to help each other as much as we can, with our personal experiences and resources. It’s a safe place.

I can only imagine how stressed and scared you could be right now. And I’m concerned by what you said at the end of your message. So take some deep breaths. It’s gonna be okay. You did something really brave by sharing this. And right now your well being has to be a priority.

Sending love your way. :heart:

@Micro My life was great and I was happy. It didn’t last long, things went downhill. All my friends would tell you I am a happy loving person. Thank you for being concerned, I don’t want to tell other people IRL because I am scared they will ridicule me. People in our community commit suicide and they are called a coward. I don’t want to be made fun of for asking for help. Thank you for the supportive words

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@bjay Thanks a lot for your reply. :heart:

I’m sorry that you’re afraid to be made fun of if you reach out to someone. Maybe there are possibilities outside of your community. And don’t forget that you’re also part of HeartSupport community now. And here no one will ever judge you if you’re struggling. You didn’t ask for this and it’s not your fault. May I ask you if something happened in your life to make “things went downhill”? Or if it’s all those feelings you mentioned that became more intense over time.

Depression and anxiety are things that can be overcomed. There’s hope, friend. Healthy resources and solutions exist. If there are people around you who think that asking for help is ridiculous, then it’s their problem and their loss… Wouldn’t they be happy if there’s a doctor who’d be able to save their life one day? Let’s just forget about their nonsense.

I want to believe that you’re here because you know you have the absolute right to get some help from others. There’s no shame to have. And if you think people around you wouldn’t be supportive, then let this community be here for you. I sincerely care about you and I want you to be okay, to feel better.

I’d like you to keep the following informations with you, in case sometimes you feel the need to use them:

Crisis lines are anonymous. No one has to know you joined them. It’s absolutely safe and you have the right to use it. You can talk about everything you want there.

Also, consider joining our Discord! We talk a bit about everything there and you can have more direct discussions or support:

There are also HS streamings on Twitch on Monday/Wednesday/Friday - 10AM to 12PM (PST). Feel free to come and say hi when it’s live! :wink: It would be awesome to see you there. -

Stay safe, friend.
You are loved. :heart:

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