I'm shaking, I just want to be happy

I’m sitting here shaking and panicking so badly. I hung out with my friend (male) and his roommate (female) today. It was really fun and we played with cats, it made me super happy because I rarely hang out with anyone. My boyfriend doesn’t like my friend because he doesn’t like me talking to other guys, and I’m so scared he’s going to scream at me and say he doesn’t love me again. I just wanted to have fun with a friend, I would never do anything bad intentionally… I feel horrible for going out but I’m so unhappy when I isolate myself. I’m so terrified of talking to anyone. No one likes to talk to me anyways so it’s so hard to open up… but I feel like I finally have the chance to and now it’s ripped away. I don’t know what to do… my boyfriend keeps pressuring me to not be friends with him or any other guy, but I feel like that’s so wrong. I’ve already lost a good friend because of my boyfriend and I don’t want to lose anymore. I feel so alone and helpless. He manipulates me into thinking I’m doing something terrible when I’m really not… I’m so scared. What if I am doing something bad and girlfriends shouldn’t have guy friends… I really just don’t know because I had an abusive ex in the past and he was fine with whoever I was friends with, I never felt scared or anxious to hug my friends and be open with them about stuff. Maybe that was because he didn’t care about me in the first place, I don’t know. I question every move I make… like I don’t flirt or anything. My friend knows I’m dating someone, and never comes onto me or anything. We hug though when saying goodbye and I feel guilty about it… my boyfriend threatened to hurt him if I ever hugged another guy… I feel so bad because I’m a really emotional person and I love to hug practically anyone because I know hugs can really make a persons day. I don’t mean it like “oh yeah I hugged you because I want to kiss you” or something… I don’t know what to feel or what to do. I feel so guilty and disgusting…

That a tough situation, but you are not doing anything wrong. First you should never give up friends in any relationship. Secound, there noting wrong with hugging. I know I have jealously is an issue, but that not excuse for him to control you. He may love and care for you, however does give him the right to freak out on you. I would never stop my partner for hanging out with friend and i wouldnt get mad over a hug. I beilieve as you hang out with everyone you want, as long you are faithfull. My brother married a women that made him turn his back on his friends, then it led him to his back on his family incuding me. A good relationship has trust and repect. Overall, you are doing nothing wrong and you have a right to have friends incuding guy firends.

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Thank you very much :heart: