I'm so overwhelmed by everything

From theonlywiiuowner: all the worlds problems and everything thats happening in my personal life has been taking a toll on me for years. I’m in a depressive slump right now I haven’t been able to get good sleep, eat healthy, or focus on productivity for months. It feels like my life is falling apart and it’s harder to live with myself everyday. I’m failing at everything i try and i feel so stupid for not being good enough based on the standards i’ve set for myself.

Everytime i try to take control of my life by doing something productive, more and more things just keep piling up and it feels like ill never be up to speed. I constantly worry about the future and what horrible things can happen. I’m so scared of the unknown and the fear paralyzes me, making me just want to lay down and cry.

i just want to feel calmness and happiness again.


From nikkienintendo: it sounds like you are going through a very hard time. It is very scary and it’s okay to feel that way. I hope you can find some strengh to reach out to someone to help you in this difficult time. I know it might feel impossible, but it might help you to talk about your thoughts and feelings to someone. And you have been trying very hard already so I know you are strong enough.


And you absolutely deserve to feel this calm and happiness again that you are in need of. There is no doubt that you have been through your share of struggles and stressors lately, and it makes sense to need for life to slow down a bit, just so you can catch your breath again and get back on your feet. There are seasons in life that makes us feel like everything happens at once, too intensely and too fast. It’s understandable that you are tired of it and that you need a breather somehow.

I hear you and how heavy things have been for you lately. It’s honestly really hard to know that you are in a depressive slump while having no idea on how to get a good grasp on life again, of feeling in control in a way you’d like to. It’s just exhausting when it seems that life keeps piling up obstacles in front of you. It feels like it’s playing a game with different rules, and they always have an advantages or three steps ahead of you. I imagine how tiring it’s been for you to feel like walking behind yourself and having to run over and over just to get a glimpse of normalcy. Sometimes it feels like time is slowing down within ourselves while there is still this rush and all these commitments surrounding us. It’s heavy, brutal, exhausting.

For what it’s worth, I have certainly felt the same way as you at different times in my life. It tends to come and go like ocean waves, but when they hit they certainly hit in a rough manner. It feels like it washes everything away while you’re barely managing to swim. Feeling depressed and behind yourself is an awful, dreadful feeling, and it’s so hard to not blame yourself for your own situation. Although I really want to emphasize that what you are going through makes you human, and only this. It doesn’t make you a failure, worthless in any way or guilty of anything. You are going through a rough time, and you are allowed to not be okay - even more to say it. Fears, worries, overwhelm can be paralyzing, literally, and it makes sense that while you have been navigating this stress and fears, you have felt unable to move or take action towards more “productive” things. You are trying as you can in the midst of difficult circumstances, and the very fact that you are trying is enough of itself to be acknowledged and valued.

As you have posted this a month ago or so, I’d personally love to hear from you and on how things have been since then. If you don’t want to share, that’s okay too. Just know that you are not alone, and your words don’t remain unnoticed. Your voice is important, friend.