I'm sorry, I don't think I can do it

So… I tried to give someone my razor, but the wouldn’t take it. They said that it was better off in the garbage, but I couldn’t do it myself. I still have it. I also got in a huge fight with someone. They sisd that I’m too much of a nuisance. I ended up haveing to block all but 2 of my friends. My parents don’t give a shit. I’ve been putting up this “happy” side of me for far too long, and now I don’t know how to not put it up. Everyone sees the “happy” me, and when it comes to me being sad, and wanting to break down, I can’t do it. I have no one anymore

thanks for sharing your story with us, and sorry you’re going through this.

sometimes when people fight they say words that are a lot heavier than what they actually mean to say, and the need to stay away from some people after it happens is understandable.

i hope you can count on your 2 unblocked friends through these times. aside them, you have us. we’re here for you.

@Littlebitch666 hey sorry this has been happening and thank you for being brave enough to get rid of your razors.

I want you to find the biggest dumpster and toss them in there. You do not need to be hurting yourself nor need those around you. Its better with those things out of your mind and it will bring some positivity back in your life.

Sorry to here about you having to block a few friends that sucks I hope things get fixed with that.

I understand your personality very well. I am a all happy go lucky guy but when I am down people are really shocked to see this. I have learned to be honest in those moments it shows a lot of humility (That God has been helping me learn for a long time) it is okay to not be okay. The great part about this place Heartsupport is that you can break down on here and we will be here to listen and talk. You are so loved here and we want to help you any way we can.

Stay Strong my friend.

-Morgan Vincent Hochstetler
Team Leader of Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters Support Wall Team

Hi, first off good try to give someone your razor . It looks like you want to feel better but your having a hard time with people not wanting to help or just being a butt . Thank you for coming here to tell us what the heck is happening . Them saying you a “nusence” , well , screw those people because that’s not true and good job blocking those who are mean/not helpful to you . I’m sorry you have to “fake it till you make it”. I know you are struggling right now but we are here to help you . By the way you saying you don’t have us, well you have me , you have heart support . We will always be there for you when you need it .
Remember to hold fast and you’re worth it !

@Littlebitch666 If you’re not alright it is okay to not be okay. Don’t put on a show for others if all it does is cause you even more misery. It is just too much. Be honest & truthful. When someone asks “How is your day.” It is fine to say “It is shitty.”