I'm sorry I've been gone so long

So the last I posted was around November 15th and I was going to take a Tinder date to a local show and I was going through a lot mentally. I feel like things went slightly better and now I’m stuck again in this spiraling hell. I know people say count your blessings but if you keep counting your blessings, I feel like I’ll become egotistical, and I don’t want to be that. So I try to keep a good balance. UPDATE: At the concert/ date with the girl, hallfway through the night she ended up grinding on this other guy who bought her a beer (we are both under 21 but in college) and that wrecked me. If it wasn’t for my friend who was there and told me to kick the guy’s ass (I didn’t, I’m not violent at all.) I probably would’ve left crying before the local band I came there for played. My dad is out of the hospital and is still going through outpatient therapy for his depression and anxiety, and he was doing fantastic at that, but the doctor cut one of his medicines into a third of the daily dosage and now he’s not functional and it’ll be a while until he gets to see the doctor again. He missed work two days ago and now today. I tried to get him going but I just couldn’t. I know this is bad to say but I can’t stand talking, looking, or even being around my dad when he is this way. For me, depression is super contagious and I’m already introverted, so getting rid of depressed mood isn’t easy for me. I don’t think I have depression but I’m just overwhelmed. To end things on a good note I suppose, I finished my first semester of college thankfully. I got like a 99.5% on my one online class so I’m really thankful for that, and then a 94% in Psychology and then an A (no percentage shown) in International Relations, and then in General Chemistry 1: I got like an 86%. To maintain my scholarship (half off for the first year at community college) I had to maintain a 3.0 so I’m just thankful I did that. Also, I’m sorry for my poor jumping around from subject to subject, but I hope you all have a lovely holiday season. Since I’m on break now I’ll try my best to come here more often and be active in the community.

I am glad what went well for you did. I am sorry about the date going sideways. Glad you had a good friend with you. If you want to help your Dad with his depression you might want to mention want is going on with his doctor. It might help if you’re Dad goes see a Therapist. Until then try to get him to watch something that is funny or listen to some upbeat music.

I’m not sure if it will help. Where I live is winter time so you could try to get him to go out for 30 minutes or more when the sun is visible or get him a sun lamp. You could try to get him to take a multivitamin. It won’t help much yet it might be enough to get him to perk up just a bit.

I hope everything works out. Have a good one.