I'm struggling. I wanna kill myself. I am alone

Alright. So I wanna star things off with saying, I hate life. I wanna die. I wanna kill myself. I have no friends. My family hates me. I have no one to talk to. I am 14 BTW. And I already feel like I am Done with life.
Everyday I feel like my life is getting worse and worse. I see some people that are just too…
Lucky!! I am jealous of these people. I sometimes tell myself, WHY AM I NOT LIKE THEM??! WHY IS MY LIFE SO BAD!!! It bothers me how they just have friends, family, people to support them.
I am NOBODY. Some people would say “No, you’re worthy, you are amazing, you shouldn’t say that! I care about you!”. I don’t want to hear these words anymore! Everytime I say that to myself, something shit happens that would TELL ME that I am a NOBODY. What’s the purpose of saying that to me when in reality, I AM REALLY A NOBODY??!!!

Alright, whatever, I feel like I just said everything that was trapped in my chest for 3 years.

I am just done. I don’t know why I even came to this website. I am probably dead before anyone sees this.OUT👋

Hey you might find this video helpful: https://youtu.be/eQNw2FBdpyE

And I remember being 14 and thinking the same thing. But the truth is, you haven’t even started living. Because life radically changes when you get older. It may not be better, but you won’t be able to recognize your old life and you’ll be a completely different person.

And I remember believing that too that life with get better; just because it hurts doesn’t mean it’s true.

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