Im super stressed and i need someone to listen to me

i don’t need any advice right now but im open for talks. this is my 3rd post and im actually kind of feeling better since that last post. the girl hasn’t come up to me and laugh at my face yet and other people are making me feel like i belong for the first ever time. they agree with my thinking like how it was wrong of her to laugh at my face. but the thing is, they arent even my friend. i feel like so many things are happening, like how school stresses me out. it doesnt feel like last year when things were going smoothly. quizzes and homework feel so stressful and my ELA grade went to a D for a while. my one reltable friend went back to her home country forever and i feel lonely. most of my friends knew each other from their elementary schools and they are doing great with each other. its just some of my friends feel like they don’t trust me at all and that theyre just around me so that they can have someone they rely can rely on during class. if they think of me that way, they should just come up to my face and say so. i know im wrong to think that my friends are annoying but it true. they feel different from last year and maybe its actually my fault. maybe its because i changed and that im becoming more and more closed off to them. yes, and i agree that im becoming more introverted than becoming extroverted and social. if someone came up to me and said that we would be going to a museum to hangout, i would say no. ive done this a few times to my friends, actually. they said that theyre going to hangout at dave and busters and they asked me kindly but i rejected since i didnt have the energy to. i saw the pictures they took and they all looked like they were having the best time. thats when i regretted that i didnt go with them. also after when my friend went back, some of them started hanging out with other kids. one of them, lets call them M. she had a party recently and the only time we all talked to her was when we were taking photos. i felt really upset too since we were doing a whole speech for and she took the microphone out of my phone. this is stupid, i know.

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Hey there friend!

Thank you for reaching out again. We appreciate you here at HS. Please just know that we are here for you.

School can be so exhausting in so many different ways. And we all change and grow in different ways.

Regardless of what is going on, we are here. We appreciate you, we love you, and we are here for whenever you want to talk.

I’m very happy to hear that you’re feeling better since your last post. You should be proud of that :heart:


hey there,

i’m so thankful that you haven’t had any further interactions with that girl and that you’ve found belonging in another group of people. with where you’re at in life, it’s understandable for both you and those around you to be changing. with the stress of school, the uneasiness of the interaction with that girl in gym, and so on, i’m proud of you for taking the time you need when you feel your social battery is low to rest and recover. listening to our gut and our energy levels before committing to any social event is vital. and if you feel like you can fit a fun event into your week with friends, i know you’ll follow your gut! wishing you all the best as the school year tapers off and the summer approaches. you got this!!



first of all your feelings are valid and not stupid at all, life is confusing and stressful. Change is hard and the people around you changing and you changing as well can be a lot to handle so take care of yourself and listen to your body and your social battery and listen to what you’re feeling. School is very stressful at times I completely understand so keep listening to your body to avoid getting burnt out.


Heya, sometimes.emo

That sounds like a really rough time.
Change can be disorienting, especially when everyone seems to be changing.
I want to commend you on leaning to listen to your social battery (or “social spoons,” as some might call it) and saying “no” when you need to. It can be very difficult when that FOMO hits, and can involve a bit of balancing.

I’ll be rooting for you!


Hey friend. School is always such a wild and tumultuous time. It makes sense to feel lonely and confused and exhausted all at once. I dont blame you one bit. heartsupport — Mozilla Firefox - Im super stressed and i need someone to listen to me - HeartSupport / Support - heartsupport — Mozilla Firefox - 16 May 2024 | Loom