I'm tired of dealing with these cockroaches

So I moved in with my brother two years ago and he had cock roaches cuz he lived in a shitty trailer park and now that we moved back in with our mom WE STILL HABE THESE FUCKING ROACHES first they were in the kitchen which I didn’t care food was locked up and kept sealed but now they moved to his room which means they get into my bed room and I fucking hate it it triggers my OCD to a point to where I wanna boil my self to disinfect my self from them he keeps his room a fucking mess constantly with mugs full of moldy rotten coffee and plates of moldy rotten food and empty or half empty beer cans full of cigarette butts and ash he won’t fuckin do anything about them and I wanna fuckin scream at him everytime I see a cockroach in my space


I wish you could live somewhere else. In the house, if roaches are anywhere, they’re usually everywhere. When I was doing home health work, lots of the houses I went into had tons of roaches. I had to be super careful to keep them out of my nursing bag. I finally started exterminating the houses. With all the products I tried, the most effective was roach powder and roach bait. I’d use both liberally. I succeeded, but often neighbors had roaches, so the places would become reinfested.

I hope you’re still in the process of finding somewhere else to live. It seems apparent that your brother has mental health issues, and the environment he creates is not good for your mental health. I don’t know where you are, but it might be worth hooking up with either a public or private social service agency. Tell them what you’re living with, and they might try to help you.

Here’s an article that might be helpful:

Yeah my brother occasionally (mostly when my mom and I complain about them does he get traps but even then he dosent check on them or change them out regularly he just sighs and goes “I’ll buy more traps” and yeah his mental health is bad but he’s too stubborn to seek help he’s become the sorta alcoholic that my mom was and still is at times his room smells and it’s starting to deep into the rest of the house like I get that he works a stressful job but he expects me his younger sister to be his maid almost he will leave the kitchen a nightmare after cooking and just gets annoyed when I decide to not do dishes for a day or two cuz I’m tired and burnt out from putting in what energy I have into trying to keep the house not a complete mess

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The problem with traps is, it takes dozens to even reduce the number of roaches. I think they’re probably the least effective and most expensive approach. I’d suggest a line of roach powder along all four walls of each room where roaches are present, gel bait every foot or so around the door frames, more gel bait around pipe penetrations, and plenty on the outside surfaces of drawers and inside surfaces of cabinet frames. It took about six months to see no more live roaches in our current house. The house had been infested for many years before we moved in. We haven’t had any roach problems since 1997, but I remodeled the kitchen a few years ago, which involved removing cabinets and sheet rock in order to add wiring and replace plumbing. In the process, I had to remove several bags of roach skeletons. It felt really good to get rid of all that mess. I’ve had occasion to remove sections of sheet rock in other parts of the house, and it seems that the roaches were only behind the kitchen walls, fortunately.

I know how you feel I had that same problem when I moved into my apartment more than 10 years ago and believe me I get triggered too. I wish you could move to someplace better. I wish you the best.

Yeah thankfully I don’t think they are behind any of our walls with how few of them I see even In the kitchen they are all stragglers from living in a trailer

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