I'm tired of my mom tw talk of near death and slurs

I nearly died cuz of my mom I had to go deposit money into her account so that she could pay the electric bill I had to walk to the bank in 32 c 90f weather and I started blacking out on the way home and I had to prop my self against a telephone pole and had some kid yell"MOVE YOUR SLEEPY ASS YOU FSLUR " i then nearly blacked out half a block from my house and when I get home my mom yells at me cuz I’m hyper ventilating and freaking out cuz I almost died all’s I got from this woman for nearly dying when I had to go pay the electric bill cuz she screwed up and thought retirement was the best idea without actually thinking it through was sorry I told her her sorry can go fuck it self I am so tired of having to be this woman’s servant and not getting any fucking respect I thought I was going to die and I know that if I did she wouldn’t of done anything about it she wouldn’t of called 911 she would of been cussing me out under her breath for not being home and taking too long all the while my corpse bakes in the sun


It sounds like your mom isn’t good at taking other people’s feelings into consideration. You are right, you do deserve respect. When a person is unable to show respect, they usually cannot have empathy either. Do you think something happened in her upbringing or past that led her to being the way she is now?

When I was 13, I stepped on a nail and my foot got infected. My foot swelled to about half again its normal size. Of course I couldn’t bear weight, and I couldn’t even get a sock to stretch over it. The only thing my mom did was fuss about me not having done the chores. She had mental health problems and was usually self absorbed. Sometimes, in the dead of winter, I was not allowed to come home because she had a boyfriend there. Anyway, I think I can sort of relate to a parent who seems to have no concern for their child’s well-being.

If you have to go walking in the hot weather again, make sure you are well hydrated to begin with, and then take some water with you. When it comes to paying the electric bill, you are not only serving her, but also yourself. We had an oil burning furnace, and I paid to put oil in the tank for it several times.

When you are dehydrated, your blood pressure can get really low. That’s probably why you felt as though you were going to blackout.

Yeah she’s got a lot of issues shes adamant on not getting help for anything cuz she’s “too strong” she refuses to see when she’s in the wrong it’s her world and we just live in it

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