I'm tired

I don’t want to live anymore, I’m tired of feeling like this , I can’t even bring myself to tell my mom. looking at my siblings and my friends and I’m just tired I don’t want to live anymore, I’m not afraid of dieing but I can’t put my family through that pain,.


From: mr_tib

Hey, I hear you. This is my first time responding to something like this. I’ve been here and its very familiar. Your feelings are real, and we’re here to offer support, and advice, though I strongly encourage you to to seek out treatment, whether its medical, counseling, or faith.


Hey Lilian - I hear your pain through your words, and I want to say thank you for coming here to get support. One thing that gets me through sometimes is this poem: https://www.wattpad.com/487095675-songs-and-written-poetry-hannah-dains-don’t-kill - I love it b/c it’s not the “sappy” lines of - oh your family will miss you, it’s more about just getting from one day to the next or one hour to the next or one breath to the next…

In case you need any of these, please, please, please remember that there are those who do want to help you, and you are worthy of that help:

It is NEVER too late!

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