Im too fat and ugly

I feel like I am the fattest girl at my school. Even though I only eat once a day it makes me feel like everyone is looming at how big my stomach is or how big my thighs are. I just wish I was like rhe other girls. Pretty and thin. But I’m neither of those things. No one will ever love a fat girl who has scars on her skin.

Hey @Bandfreak03 I’m sorry to hear your going through a hard time with your appearance at the moment. Why do you want to look like someone else though? You don’t progress through life being a carbon copy of someone else regardless of what social media will show you. My advice to this would be to do what I did, I sat down and said to myself do I feel comfortable with how I look and feel right now, at the time it was a no so I decided to do something about it. As long as you feel comfortable as a person it doesn’t matter if you aren’t a 00model l,your scars are part of who you are and the journey you have taken to get to where you are now wear them with pride don’t hide them. You are your own person not a sheep who has to follow and look like the rest of the crowd and everyone here will tell you the same you are welcome here no matter what

Power to you


When I was in high school I had these terrible beliefs that I was the ugliest and fattest girl in the school. It didn’t matter that I was actually average for my height, I thought I was atrocious. So I didn’t eat. I remember I ate just a little bit so that when I went to swim practice I would burn it all off and more. I did this and after a while I noticed I didn’t feel any prettier or happier. I was tired, low energy, I couldn’t focus, and I was more depressed. It took a few years and some counseling to really find my worth and sometimes old habits or thoughts slip in and I have to talk to friends or even go back to counseling to help me.

Your worth is not measured in the size of your jeans or how many numbers are on the scale. Your worth is in the fact you are here, alive. You are a human with a body and soul and deserve love and happiness. And you are believing a lie that no one will love you. That simply is not true. Someone will love you, and people do love you. We do. Here. This community was built to love and help people.

Being society’s idea of “pretty” and “thin” doesn’t automatically bring happiness. You have to find that from inside yourself and you have to do it in healthy ways. I believe that self love brings out inner beauty.

My dear, you are your own definition of beautiful and worthwhile.


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When I was in high school I got bullied incessantly for being overweight and ugly. Neither of those things were true but I believed them. I believed them because I thought my worth was something that could only be measured by the opinions of others. The fact is that you determine your own self worth and if you feel down like this then you are only doing it to yourself. We have all done it and you are not alone in feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. What I can tell you is that it’s important to take care of yourself. Eating once a day is only going to reduce your metabolism, make you feel weak, and further destroy your mood because your brain isn’t getting enough nutrients to power through the day. I recommend looking into healthy eating habits and try to eat well. You will improve your mood greatly just by putting the right foods in your system. Don’t compare yourself to the other girls. You need to strive to be the best you that you can be. I spent 15 years trying to be thin like those girls and I just caused myself misery because I couldn’t see how great I looked because I was trying to strive for the way someone else looked. You need to focus on you and do right by you. Go on walks, biking, swimming, or even yoga. Treat your body right and don’t compare yourself to others