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I'm unwanted and nonexistent

Again I am alone.
Friends won’t talk to me they’re to busy.
Family has better things to do.
And I still sit in this empty house.
With nobody to talk to.
I guess I am asking quite a bit of everybody in my life to say hi once in a while or ask how I am doing (couldn’t tell them how I’m really doing tho because I don’t want to burden them). I dunno the more everything goes on the more empty and pointless my existence becomes. I know that everyday is supposed to be an adventure but would it be to much to ask for someone to be by my side? I really just want to relapse right now. No that’s not true, I want to do more than relapse. I honestly just want to end my life for good. Then people would notice me and maybe even think of me. Even for a second. Just being remembered by them for even a second would make it worth it. I don’t deserve the life that I’ve been given and I want to give it back. Why can’t any of them just say hi? Why can’t they remember me. Why… I don’t BELIEVE I will be around tomorrow, but you never know. Its just a new adventure after all.

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Hey Coyote,
Hey friend, so I’ve responded to you before, and I’m really sorry you feel like this again. I just don’t understand why you think you’ll be a burden to them. Don’t get me wrong when I say this, but I hear that all too often from people. If it was someone you cared about, and they were in trouble, would you feel as if it were a burden if they asked for help? Sometimes as people we need to be told that there is a problem. Many times we don’t want to assume things, because we don’t want to make that person feel bad. Yet, if you are thinking about ending your life, this is very well a reason to tell someone how you really feel friend. As I’ve said plenty of times, I know it’s not real life but we are all here for you brother. We truly do care about you, please Hold Fast my friend.

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Hello Coyote

I am very sorry you’re going thru what your going thru but you know something if these so called friends are not taking time to talk to you or even make time to see then they are not really your friends.

Real friends love and care for you they look out for your best interest and look to encourage you and uplift you not put you down. All you can do is pray for them and move on you need to be with positive people. If you need to talk feel free to message me.

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