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Im useless

i always make things that will make my loved ones happy. when they r happy, it makes me happy too. i always wanted to make my mom feel loved, that she’s not alone. that she have me. i wanted to continue the time we lost when my dad and her separated. right know im living with my mom again and he have new boyfriend now. i always feel the love from her before but now, i does not feel love at all. even i always making her happy she’s always irritated to me. she’s not good at me but she’s good at her boyfriend. im just 16 yet i feel so old. im not able to sleep. i tend to forget things this past few days and it gets worst every day. sometimes i just at the corner and after i will be up all night. i don’t have friends, i don’t have family to talk to. i love my mom and i did everything that will make her feel love but i think it doesn’t the same way for her. my message is too long and i know no one will talk to me here but at least i can speak up myself, just this once.

“i always make things that will make my loved ones happy. when they r happy, it makes me happy too”
this is beautiful do not lose this, but extend that kind of unique love to the world around you,. A neighbor, a friend, a teacher, relative, even the new boyfriend perhaps…
people you meet daily that you observe needing a smile or a compliment.
Put that same love into YOUR favorite classes, your hobbies and dreams.
observe the world return that gift to you.

“but at least i can speak up myself, just this once.”
smiles… you are finding your voice and your first sentence was filled with love.

a humble thought, and i am no professional , my parents divorced and relate in the sense of a new boyfriend,
perhaps your advanced understanding of love , is not how your mom defines it right now,
i will say tit took me many many many years until i understood true love.

Books are great to help you sleep, learn new exiting things,
stories are how we all communicate.

From: zombella_savage

You are not useless or alone. There are people out here that need you and will support you. I to do things to make my loved ones happy. Most often than not I put them first. Don’t forget, you are important too. Self care is important. Don’t be afraid to tell your mom how you feel. You have more people to listen and support that you know. Don’t stop being you. :green_heart: Much Love & Good Vibes.

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Hey friend!

I’m so proud of you for reaching out and for letting us know how you feel. I know it’s not easy to open up about these sort of things sometimes. I’m sorry that your mom is making you (from what I understand) feel neglected now that she has a new boyfriend. It can be really draining constantly making sure every one in your life is always happy, and always giving so much of yourself to others. I recommend taking a step back and taking the time to take care of yourself. Do things for you that make you happy, put yourself first although I know it won’t be easy, but I know you’re strong and that you’ll be able to get through this!

I would talk to her about how you’re feeling and see how things go, and also take things one day at a time and remember your worth as a human being - Even though you may feel pushed aside right now, I promise you are loved, you are important and you have a purpose. <3

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