I'm worthless

Hello everyone .i accidentally found this forum and read some people problems . I think it’s noble what you’re doing here.

My name is lilo. English is not my mother tongue . I’m 29 years old . I have everything in life … But i feel worthless .

I was a normal adult with unlimited dreams, full of energy, wanting to change the world for the best . I always loved traveling and trying different activities in different societies with thier amazing cultures . I enjoyed every bit of my life . Until i met this girl from London . We had a distant relationship because i live in algeria and we are far from each other. We usually meet when ever we have time . We did everything we could both of us and i loved her more than myself. After 4 years of us being together we planned to get married and settle together. But than problems started and we eventually separated. That’s when i couldn’t accept the reality and i couldn’t convince myself with what happened . I feel lost in this world without her even though i know she don’t care about me anymore and i feel the same. But my life has changed a lot i had a million and one plans . And it’s all gone in just one single night. I used to watch movies where they try to show how love effect people lives but i can confidently say that they are not expressing even 1 percent of the actual damage such feelings can do.

I feel worthless. I don’t want to do anything. No Matter how much i tried to change to be different i alwyes go back to the starting point. And ask myself if i plan it will disappear again. I try to do something and i hardly finish it. This is if i finish it. I’m lost in my own life. I started talking a lot to my brain lately . I always ask myself why I’m feeling this way . I’m a smart person i can do plenty of useful things. Why i’m trapped. I couldn’t find any answer. I just hate my self and feel worthless.


Hello! Thank you for sharing. I’m so sorry about your breakup. I recently went through a breakup.
It’s so hard because you have to let go of all of the plans and promises you and your partner made. It’s feels horrible. I always give this metaphor about heartbreak. It feels like sand in your chest. Heavy. Like you can’t do anything else but think about that pain. But every day one grain of sand is lifted from your chest. Just one grain and so the pain does go away, but very very slowly. It goes away when we create new memories and small moments that bring us joy.

You are not worthless. You are enough.

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I’m sorry you went through a breakup. I just prayed for you. I hope it makes your day. This community misses you and so do I. We love you.


It is hard to let go of someone who got under your skin. It is going to take a awhile to heal. Remember, you are in a process. Be kind to yourself.

Hi @Tagtagia thank you for sharing your story and struggles with us.

When someone we love or admire ends a relationship, or we end the relationship, a part of what we built up in ourselves that used them to lean on can fall. When what you have built around someone else to make you comfortable in the relationship breaks, it can feel like everything is crumbling around you and you have lost purpose where you once had motivation to build a life.

You are worth it, with or without someone in your life. You are worth the fight and the effort to build the life you want, no matter who you are with. It is okay for this to be hard, this is a big loss. Four years is a long time to have something come tumbling down. Be gentle with yourself, you deserve grace and understanding.

You are worthy of love again, and I hope that you find comfort here. We appreciate you.