In 2004 i was raped at a high school party still d

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In 2004 I was raped at a high school party still don’t know who the rapist is

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Hi @HeartSupport_Fans,

That must have been hard for you many years to heal. That’s awful to not know your rapist. Being raped by someone is traumatizing for others. Going to a party is so dangerous because you have no idea what will happen to you. I heard many horror stories of college parties. Many years ago, I watched the news of a college student died due to a person putting drug in their beer. If I ever go to a party, I will need 1-2 people with me just incase for danger.

Are you seeing a mental health professional to discuss this issue? They might help & listen to your story. It is super brave of you discussing something difficult on HS. HeartSupport and I are always here to support you. I just want to give you hug because you must felt shameful and frustrated due to high school party in 2004. Many people can also relate to your story.

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