In a feeling of getting a tattoo, but

So the title pretty much says it all, but I’ve never got a tattoo since I’ve always been insecure. I know what I want to get (mostly little tattoos) but I’m afraid my mother won’t agree for religious reasons.
What should I do? Also is it worth getting one or more?
Sorry if I sound dumb, but I know barely nothing about tats

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Hey there!

Your question is totally not dumb! I wanted tattoos for a long time, but waited because I wanted to make sure I actually wanted the art on my body forever. I also did a lot of research, because like you I knew next to nothing about them. I now have several tattoos, and I love mine. But I didn’t get any until I turned 21. If you’re under 18 I would suggest maybe waiting a few years as most artists will not tattoo anyone who is underaged.

As far as you mom/parents go. Have you talked to her about them? Do you know her opinion on them? My parents are Christian, as am I, and my parents are not a fan of tattoos. They didn’t want me to get any at all, they didn’t think they’re wrong according to the Bible or anything, they were just under the opinion that I shouldn’t get any. They were worried I would change my mind and that it might be hard for me to get a job because of them. But when I asked them about getting my first one they actually supported me in it because of my reasoning. My first tattoo is on my thigh, it’s big and floral and it covered some I’d my self harm scars, and that’s why I got it. So I think that over all, parents and people, are more likely to support you in getting them if they know and understand the reason/meaning behind your ink.

All that being said, if it’s gojng to cause conflict, or a rift between you and your mom then I would suggest not getting them or maybe waiting a while and talking to her a lot before you get any.

There are also loads of reasorces and research material on tattoos in different cultures and religions, so you could always try and find some research to show your mom.

I hope this helped! Message me if you want to talk more about it! :slight_smile:

Much love,

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Hey! Thanks for the reply.
I’m 21 and it’s something I’ve been thinking about since I was maybe 16, but never got any. What are good spots to start with? I wanna cover my whole arms (and possibly legs) with little and simple tattoos, but I don’t know if they’re the best.
I’ll try speaking to my mother and see what she thinks about that. Obviously I’ll do it one step at a time, no need to rush it

Workwise. as long as your tattoos can be hidden under clothes then it should be okay. Say if you got a tattoo on your face that might hinder you from being hired.

Also you want to shave the area when you are sure where you’re getting it. (I am not sure if any tattoo shops offer to shave the area for you) Remember you are going to go under a needle. Pain will be involved so if you don’t mind being pricked 500 times in a row… Most times once you get a tattoo your hair daoesn’t grow back. If you’re pricing tattoos you should go to more than one shop because each individual owner prices each tattoo & size differently. Even at times your tattoo might cost more or left depending on ink color (obviously also whether you’re doing an outline or filling it in).

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Hair is no issue since I almost have none lol
Also needle doesn’t bother me since I have diabetes and I use lots of needles everyday…thanks for the advice about pricing though! I don’t like face tattoos however