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In love after a very very very very very long time


The title pretty much says it all but I fell deep for a girl and it’s weird because I didn’t even thought I could do that again. I met her only once but I’m crazy for her and really want this to work out. I’m a nice guy, a funny and entertaining one, but it’s been so long since I felt this way and I cannot help but think about fucking it up. I’ve met a lot of girls in the past but it’s always those who make you feel this way that scare you the most…

I’m having a great time lately: work’s great, school’s great, everything’s going great…except for one thing. I’m travelling a lot lately and meeting my few friends a little bit more often than before (I’m actually never home) but I really feel in need of a girlfriend right now…someone to share my days with you know…

She told me she has a good time with me and that I’m crazily funny…I don’t even have to try to make her laugh but I feel like it’s not enough. I have a lot of ideas and stuff but afraid of being rejected…or that she’ll end up preferring another guy…


Hey friend!

First of all, thanks for trusting us with this. I can tell that you are a guy who is extremely in touch with his feelings. As a fellow dude, I understand how a pretty girl can wreck us emotionally. I understand where you are coming from. If you have ever seen the Godfather movies, they call this the “Thunderbolt.”

Secondly, I would encourage you to pursue this relationship with this girl, but respect her boundaries and proceed with respect for her and her wishes. When the time is right, express your feelings for her with loving frankness. Girls, in my own experience, enjoy being pursued respectfully and intentionally. In the meantime, just be her friend and enjoy being around her. Baby steps never killed anyone, but overstepping too soon has.

That may have been kind of garbled advice, but know that we’re all pulling for you, brother!

Hold Fast!

Sam S.