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In my country mental health is still kinda taboo theme, there are people…but you pay for one hour a lot,she/he doesn’t even listen to you or doesn’t even have a question,they just gives you a pills for something and that’s it. You get addicted to those pills,for which you don’t even know are what for, and you get into even more battles. I always wanted to reach out,but if you don’t have places like that,you kinda just live through it,you learn how to not show it or how to avoid it,that’s it. Which is again,even bigger problem. Also,if you are going to therapy here,you are considered crazy.


I’m sorry that your mental health system is so backwards. Is it that way all over your country? It was like that in many areas of our country until the 1970s. Some areas here are still that way.

It takes courage and admirable introspection for you to realize that you need help, especially in a culture that tries to suppress that awareness.

I think you are less crazy than those around you who don’t believe in therapy.

Is it possible that even though it’s hard to find a good therapist, there might actually be one somewhere in your country?

You’re not alone. Talk to us if you believe it will help. At the very least, you will be among people who definitely do not believe you are crazy.

Thank you for these words,means a lot. :heart: We usually have like a country depression (not sure if that’s what it’s called) since the war that hit here around 1991-1995(Eastern Europe). People lost a lot of family members and all that they had,this country still didn’t recover much after that,that’s why it has lacking in some of the fields. Sui*ide rate is high still after that time but people don’t seem to believe in therapy. I really do wish we get better for the next generations,if not for this one. Hopefully in a future,people will be more aware of their mental health and reach out. :heart:

@7thous.miles hopefully,in the future,it would be much better. Thank you for your kind words. :heart: I wish you all the best and stay strong :heart:

@hasnija.s20 hi, i just browsed through some comments and yours struck me! I am so sorry therapists in your area are like that!! I fear those pills and agree (and know!! :sleepy:), those pills kill! I havent tried it yet, but i keep reading a lot of good about the online help of if u have to pay for shitty therapy maybe try that (i dont know the costs tho…) i wish u all the best!!! And yeh, in Germany its slooowly starting in the younger generation to not be taboo… but family and overall society even having a burnout makes you a failure… so wrong!! Stay strong! :heart: when u “break” u are not weak you just have had to be too strong for too long

From: Microsmos

Hey friend – European pal here (but western). It’s awful how some countries and cultures are still rejecting mental health as if it was something to avoid, something taboo that shouldn’t be talked about. It’s so damaging to so many, and you firshand experience that disconnection. Hopefully things will keep changing for the best. Somehow, that’s what you’re doing here – by being vulnerable and opening up, you also contribute to raising the awareness around mental health, and normalizing those conversations. I truly want to thank you for that. Where I live there’s also lots of progress to be made. The weight of society and culture over emotions and overall just being human makes no sense. We need environments where it’s okay to share what’s on our heart, how we feel, without having feel as if we would be doing something wrong. At Heartsupport, we have an online community, existing on multiple platforms (twitch, discord, and an anonymous forum). We also have online groups on Discord that can be a great place to take steps forward or even help others. If you’d like to hang out, share your experiences and have a place to open up about your struggles, you are more than welcome. We have members from all around the world, so who knows you may also receive some guidance and relatable experiences regarding local resources. All of this to say: you’re not alone, and there are available resources, even if it consists of some emotional support between human beings who care for one another. This community will always be open for you and a safe place to be. Thank you again for sharing your voice. Your presence makes a difference already. You’re loved. <3

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From: twixremix

i’m so sorry you’re facing the pressures of the taboos society puts on mental health and within your own experiences with therapy and counseling. heartsupport is actually partnered with betterhelp to provide 1 week free if that’s something you’re interested in? it’d decrease the stigma of going into appointment offices and facing any of the judgement you might be facing now. you can find more info by googling “heartsupport betterhelp” and it’ll lead you to the 7 days of free counseling discount! and if you have any difficulties financially, they’ll offer further discounts if you cancel due to costs. wishing you well, my friend, i believe in you to keep reaching out and fighting for your better tomorrow! love, twix

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From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, I am so sorry that there is still this stigma attatched to mental health in your country, i find that sad and frustrating and cannot imagine how that must feel when you see so many other countries seeing it being brought to the forefront and being dealt with in a more productive way (although there is still a very long way to go world wide) there are far too many people that still need support which is why Heart Support is such a wonderful place for people to come to, to share their thoughts and feelings, their worries and concerns amoung other people that too have the similar issues under different circumstances so I would love for you to come to Heartsupport and even to our support wall where I am responding from now and share more if you wish, you will find lots of amazing people here who want nothing more than to help and encourage you. I will pop a link to our page at the bottom. I wish you well friend and hope to see you around. Much Love Lisa. x

From: eloquentpetrichor

Hello there! I’m sorry that you live someplace that is still so stigmatised about mental health. I believe pills should only be used when needed and I’m sorry that they use it as the first thing.

I’m glad you found your way to HeartSupport. The forum can be a great place to open up and be heard and supported by others when you feel like you cannot get any help in your local area or from others around you. Do you have a support system of family/friends who may be willing to listen to you? That can also be so helpful. I also agree about looking into online therapy. There are many services and some of them even offer discounts if you cannot afford their normal fees.

I hope you come back and share with us here at whenever you need some people who won’t consider you crazy no matter what. :hrtlegolove:

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From: Dr Hogarth


I hate that you are made to feel this way about therapy in your country and I’m so sorry that that stigma is preventing you from getting the help you need. I also have had experiences of doctors just prescribing meds without a lot of thought or consideration for their long-term use. It can get really difficult once you become reliant on them without the support of therapy to fall back on.

What I am happy about though, is that you’ve found this community. There are people here with a huge amount of knowledge of online resources, which might be easier for you to access. You are not alone, and having the self-awareness that you need support is the complete opposite of crazy in my mind.

Keep talking and we’ll keep listening. x

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