In need of help

My friends are starting to walk away from me. They don’t care about me anymore. It hurts so much. I hate this. Please help me. I was fine until this happened. Why does this happen? Please…I need help. Im so alone.

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It makes totally sense to feel alone when you feel like your friends are walking away from you. But right now, you are not alone. This may not be of a great comfort as I’m just a random stranger to you, but I see you and I hear what you have to say.

Why does this happen?

There could be many reasons to explain why you feel this distance with your friends right now. Without any context, it would be hard to answer. But I certainly felt the way you feel, at different moments and because of different circumstances. Seeing some friends walking away, having less and less communication with them, seeing them less and less often or just being ghosted without any explainations. In the last situation, it’s hard because there is no way to discuss or make any improvement in the relationship. But as you said that your friends are starting to walk away, I’m assuming you’re all still in touch with each other.

What about trying to reach out to them and talk about how you feel with them? Is it something that you could consider? Sometimes we’re so afraid to share about something that’s hurting us that we just let a situation as it is. But maybe your friends are not walking away intentionally. This could be also a season when they are more focused on their life and things that doesn’t involve you. Again, I don’t know the context precisely, so it’s only some guesses here. But in any case, if you can still talk with them, then it could be worth the try to explain how you feel. You don’t have to stay alone with your worries and fears. True friends are also here to listen and understand.

I don’t know if your friends don’t care about you anymore or if it’s the conclusion that you are having about the situation. But I felt sometimes like friends I had in school or after that didn’t really care about me. I was afraid to lose them and be alone. It’s hard for me to trust others because it’s hard for me to trust myself, so I’m always worried about being hurt or disappointed. And in a situation where I’d be worried about people walking away, I’ll tend to think that it’s because of me and they don’t care about me. And if someone walks away for unfair reasons or without explainations, I’ll blame myself for weeks. But it is more about the fears that I have than reality. I hear your fears too. And a good way to tame those will certainly to talk with your friends, as said before. At least to understand more what’s going on on their end, if something happened or changed between you. It’s not easy to be vulnerable with our loved ones, but at least this could help you to hold on to facts and tame those worries that you have.

In any case, I hope you keep in mind that your friends choices and decisions doesn’t define you. It doesn’t say anything about who you are. Friends come and go, and sometimes we’re more or less close to each other, it depends on many different reasons. But I hope this situation will get better for you and your friends. If you’re comfortable with that, let us know here how it goes.

Rooting for you. Sending hugs. :hrtlegolove:

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