In need of support

So i suppose I’m posting this for support. I know the path I’m going down isn’t a good one. One that’ll end in me killing myself, which i know the ugly reality of behind it. I just don’t want to hurt anymore. So I’m going to actually admit this, admit that I’ve been hurting myself and i am struggling to keep going to a school counselor and then my family. I’m just scared to but I dont want to get to the point where I actually do kill myself. It’s just such a touchy subject i know will hurt my friends/family to hear.



I’m proud of you for being open here. It’s not taken for granted. I know how hard it can be to be open about these things- even I still struggle with it.

Just know you’re not alone. Know you are loved. All of us here believe in you.

It took a lot for me to open up to my mom about a lot. It took a lot for me to go to a school counselor. But it is possible.

Right now it might feel like you’re in the eye of the storm, but this too shall pass. When I was in the middle of my storm what helped me was thinking what would be worse- it may be difficult to get past this point but just know there is hope.

Just keep fighting, sometimes we fall, sometimes we cry. But that’s okay.

It’s okay to not be okay right now, we just have to start working on getting better.

I believe in you.



Hey there, thank you for coming here and sharing something this is very personal. You are loved beyond belief and deserve healing from this. It can be very challenging to take that step to keep opening up to school counselors and family about your struggles but it is possible and you have the strength to do it. And if you feel like you don’t, that is when you can lean on us or even lean on your family. We are here for you and to help you the best we can because we don’t want you to get to that point either.

We love you and YOU are valuable and worth being here.



I’m so glad that you decided to open up and share how you have been feeling. And I’m so sorry that you are struggling and having such a hard time right now. I know the dark battles of feeling this way. It breaks my heart to see you suffering.

Sweet friend, you are so important. And there are so many of us who care for you. I know it’s hard to right now, but keep fighting! Your counselor is there as an active safe place for you to go to. They are there to serve as a place where you can be open with your feelings so that they can gently guide you through the pains you are suffering. Please don’t give up hope.

I wish I could take away all of the sadness and hard things you are dealing with but know that even though we are strangers, that I care so much for you. You are so valued! And everything you are feeling is valid and important.

I hope that some inner peace finds you so that you can take comfort. I hope that something or someone is able to take you gently by the hand and walk with you and be a strength for you.

We are here and I am sending you so much love. Take care my sweet friend. Hold tight.


@Ag07 Thank you for reaching out. So proud for being honest and its inspiring to share your vulnerability. I encourage you to keep reaching out to your counselor and tell them what you fear you are headed. You defiantly need support to get through this. I encourage to share with your family and being honest. Tell them how you feel and what you are going through.

You are so loved here and you have people here that want to help you…


First of all, you don’t know how huge of a step it is to just say this out loud and admit this. That’s half of the battle, despite it being Anxiety, Depression, Mental Illnesses, or many other things people experience.

I’ve been there, as have countless others. You aren’t alone, and because of that I hope that you know I love you, despite me never knowing you. Know that every life is precious, despite how much we may have done in our present or pasts. You are worthwhile, you are special, you are priceless and a 1 of a kind to the world.

Sometimes it’s very hard for people to understand what to do, or how to show someone emotional support. Please hang in there, admitting there is a problem and you are afraid is the start to recovery. Know that I am praying for you. Praying for you to find peace, clarity, and guidance from where to go from here. It may seem dark, lonely, and scary; know that GOD loves you, and others around you LOVE YOU, more than you can even fathom in down times like this.

Sadly when you hit bottoms and feel this way, it’s a long, slow process to make your way back. Nothing worthwhile in life is easy. Seldom anything easy is worth it in the end.

Hold Fast. YOU. Are. Loved.
If you ever need anything reach out to me at any time, or any place. message me, or reach out to me.



first of all you are not alone ,thanks for reaching for support. by the way your friends/family care about you and you need to let them know . i don’t now what the cause of this of why your feeling this way . If it wasn’t for me letting someone know how i was feeling i wouldn’t be here today . I hope your friends and family get you the help you need an deserve . you are not alone.By the way everyone struggles , i still struggle i may be 1 year+ clean from self harm but to this day including last night i still struggle i still feel like i don’t deserve to be helped but at the end of the day you , i , we , have people who care about us and will help us to become stronger and better. I really have been in the same path as you, ag07 ,but I’ve been on the path of wanting to hurt myself again but i’ve got told what would be the negative outcome of this? and I’ve realized i got to continue to fight and over come this path of me struggling to be able to recover.


I’m there too. It’s such a struggle and a part of me knows that I have the power to push through, but I really scare myself sometimes. What I can promise you is that every time I have chosen to live things did eventually get better. The hurt and the pain never match the love of friends and family.

Hold fast, we are here for you.



“Please don’t kill yourself” - Celldweller.

@Ag07 Here is our video response from our live stream today. Hold Fast.