Injured and now I can't do what I love

Hey everyone, I haven’t posted in years, Because My life Has taken a great turn for the better because of the unbelievable support from the community, and the HS stream. thank you again.

But once again, I’m feeling depressed. I love working out, It’s my passion, It’s what I do for work (personal trainer) and I what I do in my free time. I love playing sports, and lifting weights.

However, My shoulder is injured. I don’t know how it happened, and I feel way to young to have this type of injury. Every time I try to work through it, It hurts, I’ve tried my own rehab and healing, but nothing will work. I have now finally made a doctors appointment, in 3 weeks time.

How do I deal with this until that time. for the first time in my life, this is something I can not fix on my own, I have no power over this, I just have to deal with this, and it just feels awful, and now I can’t do what I love. Any advice is helpful and much appreciated.

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Hi friend,

I’m so sorry to hear about your injury. I hope that it gets healed okay. This time is going to be difficult for you because you don’t need have what you normally have to feel better and to help you get through your depression. But it won’t be impossible to get through. During this time you are going to have to turn to something safe to get you through these hard times. Put your energy into something that is good and lifts you up. So keep posting here on this community so people can encourage you and talk to friends and family that you trust. You are struggling and that’s okay, but don’t keep that inside. We all need help from time to time and that’s more than okay. Also, I know this is a really hard time, but I also see it as a possible time of growth for you. Working out is a great way you heal through hard times, but now you have to define yourself by something other than working out. What will that look like for you? That’s something you will have to work through. You are so many more things than the person that works out. And if everything goes well you will be back to working out in no time, but this is a great time to meditate on who you are outside of working out. Sending you love. Keep us updated on your doctors appointments and everything.

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I’m sorry about your injury. Moments like that can change your life. You are in a season. It won’t last. I encourage you to do other things lightly. Don’t over do them. You just got to take it easy. I hope everything goes well with you with your doctor. Thank you for sharing. God bless you.

Sorry to hear about your injury it’s tough not being able to do what you love. The time in between appointments is going to be tough maybe you try other things to find anew hobby that you will love in the meantime