Introvert or depression or social anxiety

I made friends in high school, and I think I made like 90 friends in my first high school, and my second high school it was 87 friends. I got a job at 21, and started making friends there as well. I made like 60ish friends from work as well. I also started getting like 6 increases, and started going to concerts, and been to 26 concerts. I also went to 2 comic cons, and met some actors there. I wish some of my friends would go to concerts with me, or go to comic cons with me as well, I would go to concerts with them, but I don’t listen to there type of music. I would go to bars with my friends as well, and maybe have like 5 or 6 friends with me. I would also go to local sporting events, but only have 1 or 2 friends going with me. I would like to have more friends to come with me to events that I go to, but I don’t know if they would like it or not.


howdy @BadReligionMike91 ,

that’s so cool that you were able to make so many friends over the years! with what you’ve shared, i don’t think it would hurt to try inviting some friends who would vibe well with the crowds of each event. so if you have a friend who likes a tv show that you know will have a panel at a comic con, invite them there! if there’s a concert with a genre another friend would enjoy but haven’t listened to that certain band, extend the invite to them!

if your current friends wouldn’t enjoy those events, you can also find more people with mutual interests as you that are attending the same events. facebook allows you to see all attendees planning to visit an event so maybe you could find a group there?

wishing you so much luck in finding more friends with similar interests! those kinds of friends are true treasures (:



Hiya @BadReligionMike91
I think you should be congratulated for being so good at making friends, you must be very open and approachable which is fabulous and a wonderful start.
Like Twix said these days we are fortunate to have all this social media to meet others on so finding like minded people can be a lot easier. Twitch is another option if they have any streams about things you like, you are bound to find others on there.
Sometimes the only thing your best friend and you have in common in eachother and that is all that matters when its a real friend but I understand the need for more so good luck in your endeavors, I have no doubt at all that you will be successful.
Take care Friend


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