Invitation to Mental Health Masterclass

If you’ve ever wanted to step deeper into the HeartSupport community, now’s the best time to do that.

We’re launching a year-long mental health masterclass that teaches you to:

:hrtdanchamp: help others,
:hrttaylove: grow yourself, and
:hrtlovefist: gain community.

:point_right: Click here for more details and to enroll today :point_left:

Last year, we had 150 people go through our course, and they became a family.

“I have established life-long friendships… people that I know will continue to challenge me and cheer me on.”

-David, Masterclass Graduate

So many people received life-change in unexpected ways.

“It’s helped me heal a lot more than I’ve realized.”

-Dylan, Masterclass Graduate

And we get to do it together. There’s 60 hours of live teaching from our staff and other industry experts.

“I was blown away by how thought out the whole thing was. So much content, broken down into manageable sections. It was great.”

-Matt, Masterclass Graduate

It can be so hard to take a risk on improving your own mental health, but if there’s one thing we try to instill in every reply on the forum, it’s that YOU ARE WORTH IT. Take the leap. Join the family. Enroll in the masterclass today! Sign ups end, and classes begin on Sep 9.