Is all my fauit and i cant deal with it

my dad made my mom feel worthless and to go f her self and she a piece of crap and some really mean things because they got into a fight about me so I feel like is all my fault that my mam has to feel like this so I suck and worthless and I just make my parent mad all the time at each other i feel like i can’t put my problem on them because it just going to cause them to stress and to fight with each just because am struggle they shouldn’t have to deal with this i hate my self and feel really bad now because i just cause a lot of problem for my family so I don’t open up to them I hate my self because I have mental health issues and is trying my family part and my dad mad at my mother because of me is all my fault and it sucks and I don’t what to deal with it because I hate to see my mom like that i feel like am deal with this on my own and is make me feel like i shount be avlive like am a bunde to my famly and i couse all the issues for my famly and i cant hand it and deal with the pain of see my mom so hurt by my dad

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Don’t hate yourself. Love yourself. It’s not your fault. Your parents don’t know what they are doing. I hope your father regrets saying those things to your mother, and apologize. You are great daughter who loves her family. That’s amazing. I hope you are hanging on. Thank you for sharing. God bless you.

Hey friend!

Thank you for sharing this with us. That takes a lot of courage and bravery. I can tell that you are a sensitive person and you love your parents very much, that’s good! But don’t let your love for them turn into shame against yourself. You are NOT responsible for your parent’s actions - they are grown adults who make their own decisions. You are not worthless or unlovable, exactly the opposite: You are worthy of love and you have inherent value. You are worth it! Don’t let this get to you, you have done nothing wrong. Just show love to your parents and love to yourself.

Hold fast!

Sam s.

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