Is it possible someone can take over warped tour?

Instead Kevin and let him have a vacation and let other trusted manager deal with cross country tour? So bands can play again! I know I want them to play again for years to come. Please make it possible have someone trusted to continue cross country tour.


Oh, man. That be awesome! But, I don’t think it’ll happen. :slightly_frowning_face: It was my second year at Warped, and my first one volunteering with Heart Support. I LOVED it! If only I could have the opportunity again…

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Hey @MsBeckman - I’m going to miss Warped too! It was a fun run, and I’m sure HeartSupport will find alternative ways to reach out to the broken and hurting, even if it isn’t through Warped Tour. :slight_smile:

I’m actually talking about someone who can take over Kevin job and warped tour still continues threw the years to come?

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