Is life even worth it?

I’m so tired of getting hurt. Like I’m trying really hard not to lose my mind when i talk to people when i feel like they are hurting me. I’m tired of feeling like no one in this world cares for me. I’m tired of putting effort into my life and questioning if anything in this life is even worth it anymore. I just don’t want to feel pain anymore especially from people that I love. I’m tired of holding in my tears. I’m just tired of this.

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Hey, love!
First of all, I’m happy you exist! I’m happy you wrote that. I’m happy you’re honest about your feelings. Secondly, I’m proud of you! Thirdly, I’m going to promise you something. I promise all the crap going on in your life will work out. Eventually. Most likely not today. Probably not tomorrow, or even next week. It will actually probably get worse. But your attitude towards life and how to handle these difficulties can be fixed NOW. There are exciting adventures to be had, my dear, exciting adventures indeed! It will get better. I’d be devastated if you died. Life is worth it because you’re worth it. This life is beautiful because you’re in it. Hell, this website is beautiful because you’re in it. You have so much to live for. You’ve got this.

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You matter. How you’re feeling matters. Your pain matters. We see you. You aren’t alone in this. We hear you and are here to support you though this difficult time. You are worth so much. Don’t give up on yourself. You are so loved! Keep holding on. You are a fighter. A brave, brave fighter. You are strong. Keep holding on. You are worth it!

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Life can be exhausting, but it is definitely worth it. Putting emotional energy into relationships where you’re just getting hurt is draining, but there’s hope in the future. There are people in this world that care for you (I care for you, and this community cares for you if nothing else), even if it doesn’t feel that way; just hold on to that truth.

Hi friend, we are happy you exist. Thanks for reaching out.

People you love will always hurt you the most: that’s because your expectations of them are always higher than those of people you don’t know. I know how much that hurts, but we are humans and we all make mistakes, and so do your family, your friends and all the people you get in touch with. That doesn’t mean life is not worth living, or that you shouldn’t put effort into anything: maybe there’s no one today who sees that, but there will be someday, trust me. And without your existence, those people lives won’t be the same. And won’t be as good as if you were alive.

Hold fast. You are worth it.