Is there any point to therapy if I can't be fully open with my therapist?

I know therapists have their rules that they have to follow but I feel like I can’t tell her about my suicidal thoughts and attempts. Like, I can tell her about past attempts and how bad my suicidal thoughts can be but I never go into detail.

At the same time, I feel like therapy is just a waste of time in general. Every time I leave that office, I always think about suicide more and more. I know “You’re gonna feel worse before it gets better.” but I already feel terrible every day so what’s the point in going back to reinforce negative feelings on a weekly basis.

Hey @Megadave020, I love you man. I miss seeing you in the streams. I’m sorry your feeling the way you are about your therapist. I hope that things get a little easier for you moving forward. I’m glad you know you always have this community to be honest with when you feel like you can’t with other places. Hold Fast friend.

Remember your daughter’s eyes.



Hey there, i’m sorry to hear that.
I never been to a therapy (but, have thought about it)
I believe that it takes time to trust a therapy to go into detail but…It is your choice if you are comfortable to detail it.

I want say that I’m proud of you to take the first step seeking help. It’s not easy to do that.
Since, you are open up to talk to them about your past attempts and suicidal thoughts, that’s a good step ahead.

Maybe, right now, it seems like a waste of time and…things aren’t improving but, it will get better eventually.

An advice from a good person that I know are:
T4: Try To Trust Time
Try to remember best moments in your life. Still on your way.

Take care, send hugs

Hey friend!

So I just want you to know that I really relate to how you feel. I started going to therapy again and its so so difficult for me to open up. It can be really hard, but you just have to remember that you have to be fully honest for therapy to help you. It may take a while for you to feel comfortable to be fully honest and that is okay. Give yourself the time and grace to open up when you feel comfortable to and know that no one feels 100% ready to open up to their therapist right away. And also, maybe you and your therapist just don’t connect. I once went to this therapist who was super nice, but we just didn’t connect. I went to someone new and this therapist was so much easier for me to open up to. Also, I’d inform your therapist about your suicidal thoughts after your sessions. Therapy is hard work. It’s not just sitting on a couch and telling your feelings like they show on tv. Its exhausting mentally and drains us, at least it drains me. But I believe that we feel that way because we are rewiring our brain. I hope this helped even a little. Just know you are not alone in this. Hold fast.

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Sorry, I must have misspoke. I refuse to open up about recent attempts. The only attempt she’s aware of is one I made last summer. She doesn’t know about my 8 overdose attempts and 1 hanging from earlier this year.

This is the only place I can turn to and I’m still reluctant to do so

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No worries, it may be me that I misunderstand it, sorry.

It’s important to be honest with them about these attempts but, that is…
As along as, you are comfortable with them to open about it.
Maybe, there’s no connection with your therapist?

@IAmCassie’s reponse may be better on how I would explaining it.

Sorry, I got trouble to explain it out, I don’t want misspoke or misunderstand.
Take care


Thank you for your advice. This is my 13th therapist I’ve seen.

This is more of, I’m gonna be locked up in a hospital that I won’t be able to afford if I tell her all about what I have going on in my head.
I cant afford what they say is neccessary and I see no other alternatives to therapy.