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Issues in life ig

at this point, I don’t even know what a ‘friend’ is.
I have friends, and yes a lot of them. But every single of them. every single… of them are never there when I need them, they take my money for their own good, they use me till I have nothing left. they never listen to my problems. and when I say I feel hopeless, they say I’m fucking not because the sole reason is that they don’t think so. They’re only there when they want something. They compare me to other people that are obviously better than me, telling me that I don’t have talent and telling me that I never try. When I present my art, they say it looks like what a 7-year-old would draw.

I have one friend. she’s been there for me since forever. but I think I influenced her with too much negativity. She’s been ignoring me and avoiding any contact with me. now I have no idea what the hell I should do. Now she’s treating me like the others always do.

They all tell me to commit suicide, or they’ll kill me. And when I share my suicidal thoughts with them, they take it as if I’m telling a joke.

I’ve been letting them use me for months, now almost a year. And I’m tired of this feeling. And I hate, hate, hate, hate, that even people in my family wouldn’t understand.


Are you safe? Telling someone to end their own life or making threats on someone’s life is a serious offence. Have you spoken to anyone about this behaviour and what has been said?

Your “friends” should never use you just for financial gain. That isn’t friendship. There is a point when friends may say buy presents or meals for each other, but if you’re solely expected to supply money for whatever they want, then really… they aren’t the kind of friends you want to keep. The type of people who leave you high and dry when they run out your money.

So going in previous statement that they use you for your money, they take no consideration to your feelings and needs. You shouldn’t have to feel that you’re being compared to anyone! Especially not by people who call themselves friends.
Sometimes people get really complacent when they find someone they can manipulate and make feel bad and for some reason they think it helps them feel good.
I always cringe when people say “hurt people hurt people”, but in a sense it’s true. It doesn’t make it right and it doesn’t mean that just because they may be insecure they’re allowed to make others feel trash.
And, hey, I can’t even draw a neat looking stick man, so really if you showed me your art it probably looks amazing!
Do you enjoy drawing? Is it something that brings some form of happiness? Sometimes I think it doesn’t even matter if you actually do “suck” at something as long as you’re having fun! I like to sing really loudly when I’m doing things sometimes and yeah I suck lmao, but ya know what? I enjoy it and it makes me happy.
At least with drawing you can definitely keep practicing and developing your skills! Keep doing it for enjoyment and you may even be surprised with your improvements over time!

I can’t really blame you if you’ve been in a negative place. It doesn’t sound like you’ve had the support from anyone that you deserve. You’re voice deserves to be heard. Now sometimes people need to look after their own mental health, and that’s valid, but there are ways to bring up discussions with people you care about in terms of talking about and sharing each other’s struggles.
Maybe it’s not your influence at all. Maybe it’s the majority’s influence. Sometimes even when a person doesn’t agree with how people are treating someone else, that person may play along out of fear of being outcast as well. Sometimes it’s just immaturity and lack of self reflection. In any case, you deserve more than that.

Is there anyone you can sit down with and have a real conversation with, because it’s extremely concerning that it’s getting to the point of threats against your life.
I would consider writing down dates and what happens with the interactions with these people.
Your family needs to sit down and have a serious read about what is happening and start taking things seriously.


Hi Kim09

Yeah… First of fuck your “friends”. They arent your friends. If anyone treats you like that than they dont deserve your attention at all. You are so much better than you think. So much better than they let you think. I honestly think they are bullying you Kim. Have you talked about this with your teachers or parents? Its not ok to take someones money and it is not ok to tell them they should kill themselves!

Please seek help Kim. There is help out there you just have to ask for it. Nobody should be treated like you are Kim. Nobody. I am so sorry you have to go through such a rough time but trust me when I say it will not be like this forever. We will be here for you Kim to support you when you need it ok but you need to tell somebody what is happening. I hope things will get better for you Kim :slightly_smiling_face:. Take care.


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Kim, its been a couple of weeks since you wrote this post and I wanted to take this opportunity to find out how you are doing? I know I didn’t respond to you personally on this post but I was shocked to read it earlier today as I was going through them and it broke my heart to read that there are people out there saying they are your friends and being so cruel, I truly hope that since this post you have managed to rid yourself of some of these people and hopefully you have made some headway with the one friend you spoke of. You never deserve to be treated that way and it angers me that you were. You will always have friends and support here no matter how long it is between posts. You are loved friend. Lisa xx

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From: eloquentpetrichor

Hey, Kim09, are you okay? How are you doing? I was shocked reading that people in your life treat you this way and tell you to hurt yourself or that they will. To say that your art is not good. That kind of negativity is never okay and I hope you have stopped tolerating these people that are saying these things. You haven’t updated since this post so I wanted to check in on you.

I hope to see something from you soon :hrtlegolove:



Hi @Kim09 It’s been awhile since you posted this, but I just wanted to check on you to see how you were doing. Let us know! ~Mystrose