It finally happen, I’m alone

I cut tides with close friends tonight. They really good to me, went to my family funeral. Hang out with me and been there through and through. They love me man, I just expose really fucking bad this time.

It just try to be alright person, I get fucking tired of then pissing. They got cuase could not go to my beach house. It my vacation, I should entertain them whole week. They also just using me I way, I can’t have a vacation and it like not fair. They fucking annoying, it get to point might beat shit of them.

Now I’m alone, with no friends and no girlfriend. My teacher was right, I was meant to be alone.


Hey friend, no one deserves to be alone. If your friends were good to you, but then started to use you, it’s okay to cut ties. I’m sorry about your girlfriend. I’m also sorry about your friends.


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