It my birthday , missing my friend

Today was my 32th birthday, it was alright day got to skateboard in new skate park. Ate some good food and spend with family. Had few friends reach out wishing me happy birthday. But still my close female friend. It nice have her wish me a happy birthday and just skate with me. But she too cool for me now.

I feel alot intense anger towards her, why did she leave when I treated her so good. But she I feel just left me to dry when found other friends. It really hard not having her in my life. I had invest in a lot time, and deep feelings. Then just despair and she dosent care if I commit suicide, she fucking fake person and to cool to hang out with me. I wish a lot time I never met her, I was so better not getting close with her.

I just scream in her face, saying your the worst person I ever met in my life. You don’t care how much pain I am in, you don’t care how you smash my heart into tiny pieces. You can’t even say happy birthday , but care your shitty boyfriend that does not care. Or cry how lonely you were in pandemic. Or his guy never care about you. Maybe you like to have people not care you. So you can to suckers like me to give you ride and just throw like I’m garage. I don’t fell for people like you, maybe I just respect myself to protect myself from jerk like you. I don’t fucking know anymore man. I’m just so hurt, angry and lonely I just never have romantic feelings.

It just what fuck man, I all want was you at least appreciate me as person. But see me as worthless. I hope she end alone, with no friends, no romantic partner, and no one cry. If she craw back to me, I just laugh in her face. Sorry you had your chance, you want to leave, go have nice life.

You never deserve a friend like me, you just users and loser. Just another pretender, acting like victim , never giving back and you wonder your alone. God I hate she had some many friend miss poplar skater girl , that too cool for me. What learn no matter what you do for people it never good enough. Have a nice life, don’t come crawling back to me when you alone.


Happy Birthday @Metalskater1990 I’m glad you had a good day with family and having friends reach out.

I’m so sorry you’re still hurting though, it’s going to take some time. I’ve been thru this too, so I feel for you. Take care of yourself and remember that you are loved. :hrtlegolove:

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Happy Birthday, you young whippersnapper! :yum:

You are less than half my age!

I’m sorry you’re still dealing with the loss of your friend. At this point, I suspect that it’s just pain that’s causing you to say unkind things about her that really don’t fit the situation.

If you really think she feels “too cool” for you, then you really haven’t lost much. Instead, you’ve only lost an unrealistic fantasy.

If on the other hand you feel as though she’s a genuinely nice person, but feels that she needs to be on a different path, is she really doing anything wrong?

I understand the frustration of desperately wanting to be close to someone who doesn’t want to be close to me. It was my problem, not hers. Over time, her absence became easier to accept. Letting go can be hard, but you must.

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