It’s been a while

I’ve been having a very very difficult time. I’ve felt feelings like this before where life has gotten too much. The heart break has fully hit me and I do cry a lot. I’m facing a lot of difficulty where I’m living. I live with other people and i need to leave as I don’t feel safe here but mentally im exhausted. I don’t feel like living anymore. It gets too much my heart and mind go on overload. I don’t know what to do


Hi Friend it certainly has been a while and although the circumstances and not what either of us would want for you it is lovely to see your name appear.
I am so sorry that you are in this place with people that you feel unsafe with, it totally makes sense that the anquish of that is making you exhausted, stress, fear anxiety is bound to make you feel this way. I am so glad you have reached out here.
Have you got anyone you can talk to who could help you? someone who could assist you in finding another place to stay? I don’t know what your situation is with regards to housing, I could tell you about a situation I had once where I too felt unsafe and I was assisted financially by the governement due to it having such a detrimental affect on my health but I don’t know if that is a thing where you are? just incase that is the case please see you doctor, go to anywhere that you can use the fact that this is affecting your mental health and see if anyone can help you.
It seems like you try to manage so much on your own and if you get the chance of getting someone to help carry the load then please hand some of it over even if it is for a short time whilst you manage what you have.
I know its hard when everything becomes too much honestly I do.
I want you to know that you are loved and I personally want to send a massive hug to you and let you know that life is indeed worth living esp yours because you are a wonderful person who just needs a break. Take care my friend. post anytime. xx

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I have this one friend who helps me withthe advise but there’s not anyone else that can help me. I live in a hostel and I don’t trust the staff here. So I don’t ask them for help. The council are very unhelpful.
I do have a lot on my plate and do have to do it alone. Hence why I say it gets too much.
I appreciate you Lisa I really do. I don’t know you hit your words do have an impact on me. Thank you for replying and sending love x

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I hope you don’t mind, you were in my thoughts earlier and I decided to doodle a little picture of quotes picked just for you. I hope it makes you smile and lets you know how much you are cared about. Much Love Lisa. x

This makes me feel important, thank you Lisa. I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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