It’s hard to forgive

Hello. I hope everyone had a decent New Year’s Eve. Since we are in the new year, I am still having a hard time of forgiving others. Most of all, myself. I cannot stop thinking the horrible things I done and said. My thoughts are traitors. One thought is encouraging, and the other one is not. I am becoming a bitter person. Maybe that is just the way I am. There are things I haven’t let go, they kept me from enjoying life, and having an intimate relationship with God. I am not close to my family and friends. We are becoming strangers. I seen them in pain, and I am not doing anything to help them. Some good guy I am! Whom am I kidding? I am just going to be like the odds. I am not expecting no one to reply. I just wanted to share. Thank you for reading this. Take care.

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This sounds like something called ‘swallowing your oppressor’ (I hope the translation comes through). It is my guess someone drilled it into you that you are worthless, and you are repeating their words because you got used to it.
And on the point of not helping friends, it seems to me you currently have your hands full with your own mental problems. Don’t be so harsh on yourself.

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We are not perfect. Please try not to beat yourself up so much. Besides God, you should be the one you lean on, the most important person in your life. And yes sometimes you can’t trust your own thoughts. It will be okay one day, friend.

And do not ever expect no one to reply, because we will. You are worth it.

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It’s okay that it’s hard to forgive others. Jesus calls us to forgive others and ourselves, but he doesn’t say it would be easy. It’s simply not possible to follow all these commandments with perfection. That’s why we’re human and that’s why the gospel exists.

It’s okay to not be perfect. If you are finding it difficult to be there for others because you need to be there for yourself, that’s okay. Take care of yourself. You can’t adequately take care of others unless you’ve taken care of yourself first. Don’t beat yourself up for not always being there for your family and friends. It happens. We’re all human. Please just try to focus on helping yourself get better, and then you can focus on helping others.

Also, we will always reply. You’re never alone here and you should always expect a response. We love you. Take care <3


Hold Fast friend.


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Thank you for replying. I love the Batman drawing, Dan. I saved it on my phone. Hehe. You guys are awesome! :smile: