It’s weird I just keep getting depressed

Idk, this is the second time I’m posting here, rn I’m crying and thinking of how my life went away, I didn’t even have a chance, I really thought I could do something in this life, now There’s no point to me being here and I’m just waiting for the right time, ig I just want to stick around until the end of high school, I just keep thinking why me, all of the years I spent living thinking it would amount to something to find out in the end theirs nothing waiting on me, and nothing I can do, it sounds stupid but the worst part is when I see shows and anime where characters have friends who help them in these situations, really I’m just sitting in a dark room, it doesn’t matter where I am, no ones coming, maybe I should’ve done something sooner. I want out of this, nothing else, Nothing at All, Maybe I’ll be happy tomorrow, maybe I’ll be happy until school ends, but it won’t amount to anything, if anything I’ve given myself the time of until the end of highschool to succeed at something, I’m making music now, either something will become of it or nothing will and it will be what people remember for the brief week ig after I’m gone, every thing just hurts to much right now, just the thought of it, I’ll be happy tomorrow tho, I’ll try to be happy tomorrow


Hey @User1,

Thank you for sharing what’s in your heart. :hrtlegolove:

The circumstances are hard right now. It’s okay to feel sad and depressed, to reflect on your life, your future. I think it’s a very natural thing that many of us tend to do these days. We lack of perspective and we crave to know how our future is going to be.

But your life is not over. Maybe it’s difficult to see it right now, yet those feelings and thoughts that you have are not meant to last. Though, what you feel is very real, and if I could make you feel better instantly, I would. But I believe in you. In your capacity to keep going on. Ending your life is not a solution. And I’m really glad you allowed yourself to share about this here.

What you see in animes is certainly very different from reality. Not because of you. But just because life in TV shows, movies or animes is depicted in an attractive way for those who are watching. It’s totally natural to feel how you feel. But… you’re not alone. You are in a community where people genuinely care about you and your well-being. And I’m glad you’re here. I wish it would have been in better circumstances for you. But I’m stil grateful for you for sharing this. :hrtlegolove:

It’s okay to doubt and feel like you can’t expect anything from your future. But brighter days are ahead, friend. Keep trying. Just take it easy. Maybe don’t look at the big picture if it’s overwhelming to you. Keep moving on day by day. There’s no need to think about what you’re gonna do after high school right now. For the moment, you need to take care of yourself, as much as possible. You only deserve to treat yourself with lots of love and compassion.

I want to encourage you to call a crisis line if you feel like things are getting darker, okay?

Maybe consider joining the HeartSupport Discord as well?

You matter, friend. Your life matters. And you’re not alone. Hang in there. :hrtlegolove:

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