It's been a while, and things are looking up

So for any of you who don’t know the person that I refer to as K on here, she’s a really close friend of mine that I met over Discord who lives in Canada. I live in the U.S., which has caused some problems that I’ve come here about in the past. In the time I was gone, things were mostly okay. Current events haven’t really made things between us any different since we’re already far more than 6 feet apart. There was a bit of a close call involving her life (and there’s no way I wouldn’t blame myself for that had it gone worse), but I won’t go into too much detail about that since it’s in the past. Within the past week or so both of us have come to some realizations. She realized that her dad doesn’t act the way he does because of her. She would always blame herself for any yelling or conflict that would happen, and I’m so happy she’s realized that she’s not the sole cause of everything bad in her life. What I had realized was that I’m actually a pretty okay person. Up until I realized that I would never really give myself enough credit, but in reality I’ve done quite a lot for quite a few people, in some cases contributing to keeping them in a state in which they can live, or in others just providing any and all support, care and attention that I can. Sure I’ve done some questionable at best things for questionable at best reasons, but I’m making progress at realizing that events like that don’t define me. I doubt I’d be doing as well without all the support I’ve received on this forum, so thank you all.


This is awesome, I loved reading this. Progress is fantastic!

Thanks for sharing about it :slight_smile:

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