Its funny i had some random thoughts just the othe

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It’s funny, I had some random thoughts just the other day about how I used to LOVE being alone, because I was able to find happiness doing my things without anyone else to please, but as years went by, I feel that nothing that used to fill that void is quite working anymore, but it’s too late because I’m too afraid to get close to people, so, yeah, this song among others describes exactly how I’ve feeling for the last decade or so. Great reaction and I have a suggestion: react to Home, by Three Days Grace.


hey friend,

thank you for being here and opening up about what’s on your heart and mind. you are not alone in that feeling of needing to fill a void that used to be so easily filled. it’s not too late for anything though, as long as your heart still beats and you have the drive to pursue a new happiness. it’s hard and scary to get close to people, especially when it’s been awhile! i encourage you to start small! those small steps of getting yourself out there are achievable and as you begin to gain more confidence, you’ll find your people! i wish you all the best in your journey. you got this! i believe in YOU!


p.s. home by three days grace is such a great song! awesome recommendation for HS to react to!

I can certainly empathise with the feeling that it gets harder to reconnect with people after we distance ourselves and have created a habit and space where we have been comfortable being alone. I believe people go through seasons and every season has it’s uncomfortable it’s it brings, but also has its many opportunities and wonders.

Perhaps dedicating to opening up your life completely and sharing every aspect would be a little too daunting and uncomfortable, but I believe there are people who we meet and we find that they match our pace and move in our lives in a way that feels comfortable.

I don’t like the idea of forcing friendships personally, but I believe our hearts and who we are as people attract the right people at the right times. Some of those people are momentarily there and some of them hold a greater time line in our lives.

So I hope that you feel encouraged that it’s okay to move at a slower pace and to trust your instincts

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Thank you for sharing with us; It’s so hard when we feel like we can’t get close to people or don’t want to, because forming relationships can be scary! That void you describe in your heart can be such a painful thing and I feel for you in that regard – it’s so difficult when we feel stuck with a void as you describe. I hope you are able to form meaningful relationships or otherwise find some relief from that void in the future. Thank you again for sharing and for being here. <3 Tuna

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First off I just want to acknowledge that you have some good taste in music!

I understand that it can be extremely daunting, but possibly taking some small steps, such as joining a book club or a fan group for a band you’re passion about, can be an awesome opportunity to casually meet some new people and start to build some relationships.

I hope that you can start to feel that fulfillment again soon. And please remember that it is never too late :heart:

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